I cannot send MMS anymore after having exceeded the "not sent limit"

Dear Marco, I’m French and bought a Fairphone2 a few months ago. I have a problem. Suddenly after i tried to send an MMS with a little short film of about 2 seconds. It blocked and tells me, "you have a too important number off non sendt mms (?), I can’t send any image anymore since then…even though i deleted the messages containing this video. could you please tell me what to do? I can receive MMS no problem though…strange… also, each time i write an sms the letters vibrate even if the setting is off…
Thank you for your advice

Best regards

Hi @Vanessa, since you didn’t introduce yourself in the other thread, I moved your post here! :wink:

What is it that tells you that message?

  1. Did you receive an SMS from your operator?
  • Was there a short pop up in the lower part of the screen?
  • Was there a notification in the notification area that comes up, when you swipe down from the top of the screen?

Also, please tell us the exact wording in French, I believe that it can’t be translated to “important” in this case.

Hello again, sorry I’m not very good at introducing myself and don’t know what to say exactly :wink: anyway yes there’s a pop up in the lower part of the screen says “vous avez atteint la limite des MMS non envoyés” just when i try to send and MMS.
And after that the MMS stays blocked all empty in the messages with “envoi en cours…” and nothing happens,

thanks for your help


It seems that there is an issue with either #apn settings, or your operator. On your operator’s web page you should find the latest APN settings.

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If your APN settings are right and it still doesn’t work, consider this:

Some operators don’t allow MMS over WiFi. So try if you can send it when you’re connected to mobile data.


Thanks Stefan I will see that and hope it’ll work :wink:

Hi Irina, in fact it happened after I sendt the stupid too big MMS, before everything was ok…
thanks :wink:

Hi dear,so it’s getting worse in fact…I followed all what they said on the video for android in the APN settings and now no network, no calls possible! Heeelp! i’m dying sincemy phone is mywork, it’s a nightmare

Can you tell us the name of your operator?

The network came back but i still can’t send mms, my operator is Free.fr

I’ve found a support articles on this at free.fr:

Can you verify that all of the settings mentioned there match the ones on your Fairphone?

PS.: If there are various APNs, delete all but the two from free.fr.

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