We need workshop leaders and other support for the EFCT16!

Hello everybody!

The organisation team just had a conference and we talked a lot about the workshops (and some other stuff) we’d like to have at the EFCT16. Now we need your help to make the EFCT16 a success! Reply here or PM me, if you can help with the tasks below!

##Workshop leaders wanted
###1. Software Workshop
Hidden functions & settings. Difference between: a) Recovery, b) Bootloader, c) Firmware, d) OS. What must be setup together, what can be installed separately (2-3 hours)
###2. Expansion Port Workshop
Play around with FP2’s expansion port / think about creative modules, etc. (2-3h)
###3. Photo Workshop
How to get the most out of your Fairphone camera, lighting, composition etc. (1h + field trip, Tuesday)

Workshop days are Friday afternoon (26.8.2016) and Saturday (whole day, 27.8.2016). (Exception: The Photo Workshop should be held on Tuesday morning, as it’s the go-ahead for the planned online photo contest.) Timeslots will be determined depending on everyone’s availability (if you are only available on a certain time, please tell us). Fairphone will provide us with resources. Please tell us what you have in mind and we’ll talk with them about it.

##Rework support after the EFCT16
###1. Create video
As we will be producing photos and some videos during the EFCT16 we need someone, who would have fun in editing the collected material and producing a video that can be shared with the whole community.


I’m pushing this up. Anyone want to be a Workshop leader? :smiley:

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