Wanted: FP2 display module

I am looking for an FP2 display module

My FP2 was falled and the display module went wrong. The screen is ok, but not controllable.
Sadly a lot of unsaved data and pictures are in and the guys at phoneshops not familiar to fairphones.

I would like to ask if you have an unused FP2 may I borrow or get or secondhand the display part?
I am from Hungary.

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If it’s just about the data and pictures, you could also get yourself an adapter to connect a computer mouse to your FP2. You should be able to control the user interface through the mouse then.

There are also Fairphone Angels in @angels_budapest and @angels_debrecen, but I don’t know if they have any FP2 parts.


Hello, just a thought, if the screen seems to be ok, perhaps it is the issue of cleaning the contacts and reassembling it again?
Good luck:)

Just as a reference, also for others finding this topic in search of the same thing …
If all else fails and if the use case warrants throwing more money at it, the display module is one of the few things currently still available for the Fairphone 2 in the shop … Fairphone 2 - Display Module | Fairphone


hi Meaghan! thanks for the suggestion, of course already done. :wink:
the screen is also damaged, but still noticeable

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Hi psari,

I thought I had sent you a personal message, but cannot find it in my history. Anyway, the screen of this FP2 is still available. Shipment from Germany.

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I was offline for a few days, but online again. I replied to the personal message too, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

In case anyone is interested, I also have a FP2 display to give away.

In case anyone else needs a replacement display, I too have a FP2 display to give away.

It is from the first batch of FP2 displays, so it has a known issue where there are some pressure points where a couple of pixels are always red or blue. But it is still fully usable and functional.

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