WANTED Fairphone TWS Earbuds

WANTED: Fairphone TWS Earbuds (not the XL Headphones!)

I was going to buy a pair of the earbuds from the shop (https://shop.fairphone.com/tws-earbuds?category=5) , but when you click “Add” it says discontinued. Aside from my frustration at the shop page, I would still be keen to buy the earbuds, ideally in Green.

If anyone is willing to consider selling their buds, then please do get in touch. I would be keen to know what the current battery life of your buds is like, and how much they have been used. Also to advise whether they come with the charging case and replacement ear bud fittings (for different size lug holes!)

I would be asking them to be sent to Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK. Reasonably postage would be paid.

Many thanks for any offers!

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Just a brief question: Have you considered getting yourself an unused set by buying the three spare parts? The total is like 25% more than what a new complete set cost, but it would probably last you longer than a used one.

:exclamation: UPDATE from Fairphone:

I have just checked that they should be available with clove, https://www.clove.co.uk/products/fairphone-true-wireless-stereo-earbuds-grey
Given you are UK based, that might be sth to consider

Note - only grey ones it seems.

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What a good idea (and nice to still you around!!)

I am very confused that the set is out of stock, but the component parts are still available. I wonder whether a call to FP is beneficial, or whether I should just order…?!

Thanks for the pointer.


Thanks for the pointer. I had spotted Clove, but I have never heard of them, and am quite cautious spending £100 with an unknown retailer. They are also available through OnBuy.

The other issue with some sellers like this is that they don’t really have stock. You order and pay, then they realise they can’t get them anymore. Not sure if this applies to either of the above two.

Thanks again.

At least here on the forum they’re not really unknown…: :wink:


I understand that can be frustrating, I had that with the FP case from belsimpel. If you do not mind paying more, getting a set from Fairphone might be the best option. As the company commits sustainability, they usually offer spare parts after the product is discontinued.
Still I guess you can get a better deal getting them from some stores as they will be clearing the shelves.
I did mention Clove because it reappears here and there on the forum but never used it myself, it’s not big in Poland I guess.


I’d also confirm that Clove has been brought up and reported as reliable repeatedly in this forum. Clove is actually one of the most frequent Fairphone quasi-“exporters” overseas (a frequent choice of Fairphone buyers in the USA). And regarding stock or not, the fact that they offer the grey TWS while the green TWS are marked as sold out in their shop suggests – at least to me – that actual stock does determine their availability status.


Hi! I don’t have the green ones, but the grey earbuds. They have good battery level, as they are about one year old. If you want I can try to note down how long they last exactly. I use them almost daily for 2 -3 hours and I think I charge the case about once a week. I still have the box and replacement buds. If you’re interested, send me a message!

Thanks @Aicha

It sounds like you are still making good use of yours, and Clove may be a route for me to purchase. I guess the green is different - but probably not worth the higher price on Fairphone Spares!

Sure, no problem! If your change your mind, let me know. I’m looking to buy headphones, but I don’t really want to while my in-ear earbuds still work.


Of course! That is the same for the rest of our smartphone devices. We might not be selling them, but spare parts are available for those that need a repair.

Can I also actively discourage you from buying a set of spare parts to “build” your own set? Spare parts are scarce, and we keep a remanent to make sure that people can repair their old earbuds!

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Maybe good to remind everyone… The Fairphone TWS may be discontinued, but we may (or not) be working on something new :slight_smile: so just a bit of patience.


@mikiballester Thank you for the update!! Sounds exciting!

I think I have managed to purchase some - and not a combination of spares… Just praying for safe delivery. It is an interesting point about building one from spares or not. I guess for the phones this is more obvious, as I’m not even sure all the parts can be bought to create a phone. However the TWS are a bit different as the spares are only individual buds, rather than spare bits. Anyway, I won’t deplete the stock at the moment - only if I lose one ear.

I am new to the ear bud world, but have finally got fed up of cable crackle and being tied to the desk when I need to move around. If there’s something new in the pipeline I might upgrade at some point when it is needed. I can see that genuinely repairable buds are always going to be difficult to design.

Thanks everyone for your help. I couldn’t quite believe it when I finally decided to buy to find that the shop wouldn’t let me :smile:


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