Wallpaper and style’ setting (Material You) missing in FP4 version of Android 12?

Not sure I understand you right, sorry, but what controls are you refering to? Those?

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Android 12 does, FP didn’t implement it as it should be. This is definitely a FP issues and not a Google/Android one.

I think the FP dev team should in part use their own phones, because sometimes the only reason these things get through is because they don’t notice the mistakes they make. By using your “own poison” it may speed up troubleshooting and bug squashing. And secondly, some devs should own a Pixel. Because it really seems like they don’t know how Android should work. Having an example of how things fit together could really help.


The changelog of this monthly update suggested that the user can modify it as on any Android 12 device. FP isn’t a pure AOSP release. I’m sure FP will finally update the wallpaper app and I suppose we will be able to edit the colors as well.

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Hi. Since the past Update my colors are “optimised” by something. I now have a “dog-sh… brown” which I really do not like. Before the update, there was a notice, that this can be changed, but I cannot find the place where to get back to where it was before.
I even cannot understand why the background color of my desktops should influence my button colors in the menues. If there is a link, I could read the reason, I am willing to try to understand, but now I would call it a “disaster” when I use nice words.
thanks for any help

I guess, I don’t have those (FP4, April 5th default OS and launcher) so I don’t know what/where/why those are supposed to be.
All I know is I don’t have anything like that in my “Settings/Wallpaper” menu… I’m just given the choice of 3 different apps to chose a wallpaper with.

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It cant be changed by settings, you can try to change the wallpaper also back to current one and see what happens. Otherwise you might want to check the App Repainter.

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many thanks for your help.
repainter wants way too many priviliges in my opnion (root) and during start it said, it might not work, as the settings are not the way they should be.
I changed backgrounds, but had no luck. Is there any chance, that this will be fixed in the next month? I now have yellow buttons, or I can have brown buttons, … I mean: why the heck is such a feature needed? Compares to changing the car color, depending on the underground I drive. why?

thank you

I neither understand why people need this, however as you can see above there seem to be need…
No one here knows how fast they will fix it, I would hope they just remove it, when they dont find a way to properly implement it in Android 12 and start anew with Android 13

I wanna change the color, because the given one is ugly and hurts my eyes.
In my oinien a feature to change the color would be such easy and no big deal. But I’m not a IT-person, don’t know how hard and complicated this is

Sorry, but I really don’t like this feature. How can I disable it? I hope I can disable it…


See other topic, this is a standard Google feature, so unless you want to do some hacking maybe another OS you choose try.

Was this a reply to my message about the color thing with the buttons etc…? I’m not gonna change the OS. So if this is the only possibiliy I have to live with it.

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Google has also given you the option to edit these Material You settings. Which obviously doesn’t work here.
Constantly pointing the finger at others and the responsibility is certainly not goal-oriented.

Well you can say that, but they haven’t even on my A13, so good luck with the A12, so It’s live with it or live without it, so still only a user choice.

They have you already showed us the settings with a Screenshot?

The whole theme engine (“monet”) used to be a Pixel exclusive. Google open sourced it for A12L, but that’s only the part that calculates the accent colors from a wallpaper and not the additional config options, that’s separate.

Just because you can change something on a Pixel doesn’t mean other Android devices have access to it, the Pixels usually have several exclusive features.
Google might not have made an updated wallpaper picker available to OEMs for devices on A12, it’s hard to find clear sources on that.

All I know is that additional config options started to show up in CalyxOS (AOSP) with the A13 release, and the FP3 betas on A13 seem to have those options as well, which leads me to believe that this won’t be solved before an A13 release.


The Pic in # 80 is Android 12 and this Pic is Android 12, too. Both budget phones, released 2020 and 2023, patchlevel april '23, one on kernel 5.4 one on 4.19. So even an older 4.19 kernel would not automatically mean that a settings applet can’t be used. Not implementing it seems to be a FP decision.

(No device has an off- switch for this, unfortunately, unclear if Pixels had that, though.)


Android 12 oder 12L? Because it really seems it was available outside of Pixel Phones earliest with Android 12L and Fairphone OS is not based on 12L.

In that case I stand corrected.

I don’t think we’ll see an off switch for this any time soon, Google is pushing this hard with adaptive icons etc. (personally I’m all for it) :man_shrugging:

Do we know if the latest release didn’t switch to A12L? :thinking:
The update to L wasn’t that big and I can’t picture the devs spending time backporting / cherrypicking monet for A12.

Don’t have a stock FPOS device handy right now, could someone check Settings → About phone → Android Version (does 12L even show up as a seperate version?)