Wallpaper and style’ setting (Material You) missing in FP4 version of Android 12?

For general discussion about kernel updates etc use another topic, this topic is about the dynamic theme/color/Material you implementation

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Also unable to find how to change the accent color. For my wallpaper it decided to make the accent color some kind of brown, which is very unappealing. It affects the keyboard, in every app.


Not possible right now. From what I heard (here), this feature appeared on non-Pixel Phones with A13.
Note that changing wallpaper does refresh the accent colors, so you could try to change it, and then change it back, you might have better luck.
Or just chose temporarily another wallpaper, like I did. I’ve been doing it for years, to prevent burn-in. I have a dozen I like and change the one I use every couple months.


The same wallpaper might give a different accent color? So, there is some randomness in this process?

So there is no way to change the colour now except for changing the wallpaper? I am now stuck with an extremely ugly pee yellow font :smiling_face_with_tear:

Also really annoying that the screen brightness bug still hasn’t been fixed. This makes the phone literally unusable in the sun, and it’s been that way for months now

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You can change it to ugly green or brown pee ~ see [Basic colours]

I don’t have an FP4 but an FP3 (with the beta of Android 13) and I can choose based on the wallpaper colours but not using the basic colours:

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As discussed extensively above, those settings are missing on the FP4

today arrived an update. Now are a lot of the colors pinkish. How to change that? The update sayed something about color, but where?

In short: not possible or only possible by changing wallpaper, in long read above

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It is completely un-understandable that the patch notes say that you can “FURTHER” personalise your Fairphone with accents when you have absolutely no control over it and it automatically picks colours based on your background! Now I had to pick a different background so the colours don’t look like absolute trash!

This is isn’t just ignorance of UX. This is actively stupid.


In my (very limited) experience it isn’t unimaginable… It does indeed pick the wallpaper’s principal colors, but apparently, in my very limited sample size of 1, there seems to be some leeway on which colors it considers principal. Again, might be me: My wallpapers are huge star maps I only display a part of, so I don’t really know which part it processes for “accent” colors, the whole thing or just the displayed part. All I know is I managed to get accent colors which apparently aren’t really widely used in the wallpaper, but which suited me, so I didn’t explore it further…
Till we get A13 and the enhanced controls, the only solution is trial and error.

Agree, but apparently this is actually Google’s fault, not Fairphone’s.
I get enough flak for daring to criticize Fairphone when they blunder, but in this case we need to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”: As released, Android 12 did apparently have the accent color feature, but no way to control those accent colors. Which meant that 90% of wallpapers were bound to yield some digestion-related results… Google only fixed this in Android 13, from what I heard (don’t know first hand, it’s my first phone with Android >11).


No I have A13 beta and it’s the same ugly :frowning:

I have now a dark, blurry, bluish with a bit yellow pic in the BG.
It makes the Buttons nice bluish. Like before.

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Or try to use Repainter. Works for me but my phone is rooted.

Not exactly the kind of background one would like to have, but the buttons seem to be more annoying to me, if the color can’t be chosen.

yes, I prefere a black BG, so this is good (for now) for me.

Seems really random! I have a brown-blue-black background now, and my buttons are - white… :rofl:

I just use Muzei (GitHub|Google Play|F-Droid) with my wallpaper folder as a source for a new random color every few hours.

Gotta embrace the randomness :upside_down_face:

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