Wallpaper and style’ setting (Material You) missing in FP4 version of Android 12?

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I think so too, but sometimes it’s better to do nothing, especially when your are not able to implement the feature as users wished. As it is, it’s worse than before.
Edit: Luckily I found a wallpaper where the colours aren’t that bad. But it’s annoying that you can’t really use the one you want.

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This is an Android choice not a user choice so Fairphone are not adding a user feature at a use request but providing the generic Android update.

Any complaints could be directed at Google, as if that would change much, the alternative would be for Fairphone not to implement the updates which no doubt would be contrary to their licence with Google and what the majoroty of user want.

Since the latest update, the colors in the menu automatically adjust to the background, which I find extremely annoying. How can I disable this. Haven’t found a way to do this yet.
It feels like every update introduces new degradations, but without fixing old bugs.


Well its not only an Android choice if it previously wasn’t in the OS. It’s also the choice of Fairphone if or how you impliment things.

I mean, ok maybe the majority of users are not interested in how the UI looks or is ok with a workaround, but how do you know the “majoroty” wants it like it is now? Do you really find it good/user-friendly as it is? Its ok if you think so, nevertheless I personally would like at least an option to set the UI back to like it was before and only get the security update.

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Why are you repeating this when it was clearly mentioned already above that this not correct? Google did not implement it this way.

On the FP3 A13 beta as you show there are settings for this, which are clearly missing on the FP4 as you can see on my FP4 Screenshot above.

The accent color based on the wallpaper, without a way to change it, is the way it worked in A12, only the Pixels had further options at that time.

AOSP got those options starting with A13. This will be fixed once the FP4 jumps to the next version, whenever that is …


Oh well, it was time for me to change my wallpaper anyway… (To prevent burn-in) :grinning:

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I have the same problem and the same ugly yellow-ish colour, despite my wallpapers being mostly black and blue. However, for me not all buttons are yellow, some are still baby blue like before (which makes it even uglier imo). I hope this can be changed soon.
(Should have learned from last time not to install the update immediately but here I am for security reasons xD)

Edit: I just went over to the wallpaper setting and confirmed my old wallpaper. That at least got rid of the weird tobacco yellow. When I set my lock screen again the accent colour was a weird pale grey-rose, so I set the lock screen wallpaper again (it’s already there I just picked it again) that changed the accent colour back to a baby blue/blue grey similar to what I had before.
Apparently the feature works, but it’s at least in my case picking the accent colour based on thelast wallpaper you chose, I don’t know if that’s intended.

It’s not exactly the same as before but it’s okay for me like that. Maybe trying that out helps others too.


mentions that “Fairphone OS version B.065” allows the user to

Further personalize your Fairphone with accent colors. System menus and buttons will automatically change color, depending on your Home Screen wallpaper.

but I don’t see any extended personalization options under com.android.settings > “Styles & Wallpaper”.

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Just see above your are not the first to find out :wink:

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@yvmuell, Material You not in FP4 version of Android 12? is different – this might be a more broad meta-issue, but No updated Styles section after update was specifically about the update released yesterday, which explicitly states that it has added this functionality.

That update is the outcome of the customer request to implement Material you. Just read above.

Edit: see it that way: with the settings you and all others miss it would be Material you, without the settings its Material You without an Option to influence the colors beside changing the wallpaper

I think the problem is that FP still ships the old wallpaper/styles app. This was brought up when Android 12 was released. Just like it still ships the old Files app. It kind of makes me wonder what else is not updated in terms of performance/security/privacy. It also makes me wonder if they are all iPhone users at FP because they don’t give the impression of knowing how Android is suppose to be.

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Wouldn’t one expect a newer kernel, too, for Android 12?

(Kernel hasn’t changed version since last march update, just got another date)

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Best would be to be in sync with an upstream long term supported kernel. But cherry picking of security updates for older kernels are not uncommon. Downside could be that you minimize the amount of eyes that check for bugs or missed patches since the amount of people maintaining it may be significantly less.

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That seems to be what’s happening to the complete system. It’s stated that’s all ‘plain vanilla’, but it isn’t, at least not from the same Android version.

I’d expect an Android as close to vanilla as possible (including kernel) would minimize work for supporting it, but it seems FP is doing a lot of small adjustments and ‘backports’ giving the system a nice irritating unpredictable touch.

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Damn! I almost puked on my screen after restarting my phone on this last update.

What the hell is this ugly a** pastel color… :face_vomiting:


Ok now the Update is through I can’t use my old wallpaper without changing the colors of the menus. Now this feature is nice but even if Google didn’t provide it I want a way to configure it and at minimum if that isn’t possible a way to disable it!!!

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