Wallpaper and style’ setting (Material You) missing in FP4 version of Android 12?

Is your device rooted? Or does it maybe work with Shizuku?

For what it’s worth: I think Material You on Android 12 is a Pixel-exclusive feature and not part of AOSP. At least, it is not in any Android 12 emulators for developers either.

I think Material You only became a “regular” Android feature in Android 13. It’s a mess. Google even hardcoded an allowlist of manufacturers for the official library app developers are supposed to use: https://www.androidpolice.com/these-smartphone-brands-could-support-android-12s-dynamic-material-you-theme/.


It actually isn’t rooted, because some streaming services might just straight up refuse to work.
I can give Repainter root permissions through shizuku (maybe), but Repainter still sais “your device is not supported”. It does metion i have to root my phone (no word of shuziku).

Did it work on your phone (regardless if with root or shizuku)?

Yes, my FP4 is rooted from day 1 and Repainter works just fine. And I am not really sure if Shizuku should work at all. That was just a wild guess. For me on my business phone it works fine with SwiftBackup, so I thought it might be worth a try.

The theme engine has been open source for almost a year in fact.

The very first word in that article is “Android 12L”. 12L is not Android 12, it’s Android “12.1”.

See also:
“However, this cool feature has been exclusive to Google’s Pixel phones so far. But that’s set to change soon as Google has now fully open-sourced the Monet engine with Android 12L.”

So, that supports my believe: Android 12 did not include Material You yet, it was still Pixel-exclusive then.


Does that mean this feature will likely come to FP4 in a future update?

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Unlikely that it’s getting added before an Android 13 release.

I’d imagine they’ll skip 12L altogether and aim straight for A13.
All we can hope for is for that process to happen quicker this time around :crossed_fingers:


I tried it with repainter and shizuku but its still telling me to root my phone. I could but don`t want to do that. It would be quite nice from the fairphone team to fix that issue.

Alright, thanks for the clarification. I assumed they would just use the latest version of Android 12 available, since it’s already been a year anyway.

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed (though overall very happy with my FB), since dynamic colors were the main feature I was looking forward to in Android 12. Oh well, back to waiting for Android 13 then I suppose.


My phone updated to Android 12 and ever since it’s been having a very ugly and hard to look at pastel blue acxent color. I tried to look up how to change it, but all tutorials told me to go to a setting called, " Wallpapers & Styles" which doesn’t exist on my phone.

Does anyone know how to change this godawful accent color?

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Its 12 not 12L
Only possible by changing wallpaper with another color


That is not completely right.
Material You is default in A12, in googles pixels A12, but not in AOSP A12, which is probably what FPOS is based on.

To clarify: It’s available in 12L ??

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Hello !
Just a quick question,
Does it change if we install lineage OS instead of FPOS ?
Do we have more customisation options ?

It should, if LOS supports Material You.

This seems to be fixed in Software update: FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420


I guess I was a bit early to mark this solved, as its just a partial fix as long as the actual style settings are missing and the coloring can only be influenced by the colors of the wallpaper and only by changing the wallpaper (settings missing)


True. I didn’t realize at the time that the settings for this were missing.