VoLTE / WoWiFi problem: unable to answer incoming calls

I am asking you for help with a problem I am experiencing on my Faiphone, relating to the configuration of the VoLTE.
I should mention that my operator (Very Mobile / Wind3) is not one of the certified operators (but there are no certified operators in Italy). In my previous devices (also not certified) both VoLTE and WoWiFi worked properly.

VoLTE and WoWiFi are active, but:

  • Incoming calls on 4G network and WiFi Calling: I cannot answer. My mobile side I answer and the call ‘starts’, but the line drops after about ten seconds. Caller side continues to ring.

  • Received calls on 4G network but 4G calls not active: it goes to 3G when the call comes in but the call doesn’t come in at all. I get a text message from the operator telling me about the call.

  • Forced 2G/3G network works normally.

  • For calls made, on the other hand, everything goes correctly.

I assume the problem is related to the VoLTE configuration.

My Problem is similar to: Unable to take an incoming call
but I really need VoLTE.

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maybe I wish I hadn’t read (thank you)