Unable to take an incoming call

I cannot answer incoming calls from my new Fairphone 3+.
When someone calls me tapping on the green button I see the call starting but I don’t hear anything. Whoever calls me, on the other hand, sees no answer, as if I do not answer the call.

No problem for outgoing calls.

Welcome to the Fairphone community.
Which software are you running on your FP3+? When did this problem start?


And which provider are you with? I am asking because it might be an issue with VoLTE, too…


Hi and welcome to the community. This could be related to the SIM card, so probably faster then contacting Fairphone support is contacting SIM provider to receive a replacement SIM card.

So far this was only reported for Vodafone Germany, just to add in case its another country

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Thanks for your answer!
My Fp3 + arrived yesterday … And this morning I received the first call. So … it never worked.
The software is Android 10, patch of August 5, 2021.

I’m in Italy and I use WindTRE

Thanks yvmuell, but is it normal that I can call but not receive? How could the SIM card affect this malfunction?

I have looked it up, WindTRE should support VoLTE, but the FP3(+) is not mentioned in the list of supported smartphones:


Did you receive only this one call? Or did more calls not work? All from the same network?

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Thanks Deepsea, my wife uses a Fairphone 2 with Wind and has never had such problems.

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I have received multiple calls from different networks.

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That’s not a problem I heard of before here in the forum.
I guess you restarted the phone already?

SIM cards might be faulty and not working properly even if working properly in other phones. I had similar issues when I switched from IPhone to FP2, all my calls were directly routed to the mailbox and did not even could see missed calls (not sure of the call popped up and I could have taken it, as you describe or if I just missed that) but was able to call back the people. I for sure thought it’s a FP bug as SIM worked in the IPhone and was quite surprised when FP support asked me to contact SIM provider and describe the issue. I received a new SIM and that solved it


The issue @DeepSea was initially effering to, would not affect FP2 but only FP3(+). However, at least so far only affecting Germany, so if your SIM is not a German one you should not be affected by this. The FP2 does not offer VoLTE.


On the other hand, if VoLTE is active, it is not officially supported by Wind, so a possible incompatibility cannot be excluded…


Thanks DeepSea, I disabled VoLTE and everything works.
Sorry for the newbie question …


Ciao @gianluca_toschi

Welcome! I’m in Italy and have WindTre as well.
I upgraded my FP3 phone to the August update.
I can answer calls.

I sporadically had call issues (outgoing calls not starting, incoming calls dropping on answering), but my guess was that the nw was not OK or my phone was hanging.

Are you reusing the SIM from previous phone or is it new?
Maybe there are some NW setting to be checked.

Glad to know it works, thank you for the feedback!

Obviously it was my best lucky shot… :wink:

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Hi Igor Cali, I used the old SIM. My problem was solved by disabling the VoLTE option.