Video and audio out of sync on iPhone with new Fairbuds

I just got the new Fairbuds today. When playing any video on my iPhone 11 Pro (Youtube, Tiktok,, the audio is 200 ms behind the video. I rebooted the iPhone and tested with other BT devices. Every other device works fine, only the Fairbuds have a delay. The delay is independent of the mode (ANC, transparency or none), it’s always present. Using the Fairbuds for video is currently not possible, and because of the firmware issue I can’t even download the app to do anything there.

I hope there is a fix. I contacted CS for help as well.


I get this too. Also just when watching connected to a laptop. Find it’s fine for music, but difficult/annoying to watch any video with this level of delay.

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To me it’s unusable for video playback and therefore it makes the fairbuds be terrible earbuds. I hope the support team gets back to us on this matter and I hope that a firmware update can fix this. Otherwise I’ll return my fairbuds for lack of basic functionality.

@joram in case you want to use the 14days return period: support normally needs a week at least for a first response, so maybe call them and best is: everyone facing this opens a ticket. Overall, dont expect to have a def answer in 14days that they can reproduce and when this will be fixed.

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Hello @joram
I have experienced this same issue myself, and the fix for me is just to pause whatever media I’m on and the issue fixes itself (the audio catches up with the video).
The product team is aware of this issue and will work on fixing it on a future update.



Thanks for letting me know that the engineers are on it, that gives me hope for a fix. Unfortunately, for me the pause/restart doesn’t help, I always get a noticeable delay between the start of the video playback and the audio. I can’t use them right now for watching youtube on my phone.

I’d really like to keep these Fairbuds, but they have to work in all standard use cases. I’ll be waiting :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with an Android 8 phone, the Fairbuds work perfectly but there is a delay in audio and watching videos is quite difficult with voice out of sync. Pausing and resuming doesn’t solve the issue.

Edit: the same happens with the Galaxy Tab S7. The firmware is updated to version 56.

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I updated today to the newest firmware using the iOS app. the issue still persists.

I have the same issue. WTF!?! Even my cheap 20€ earbuds which I had before didn’t have theses issues. I was specially buying the Fairbuds because I have a 8 hours train ride ahead and I wanted to watch movies. Looks like this will not be possible :frowning:

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I have experienced this same issue myself, and the fix for me is just to pause whatever media I’m on and the issue fixes itself (the audio catches up with the video).

Does not work for me. After 2 minutes the audio is behind again.

Tested on Mac. Not sure which firmware version because I cannot connect to the Fairbuds app.

I think its helpful to add always if tested with Android and which device or with iOS, as I guess there might be differences? Beside adding firmware versions tested with?

Good point, yeah.
We couldn’t manage to reproduce the issue with iOS, maybe it’s a firmware version issue

I also experience delay between video and audio, but with my Macbook Pro (m3, macos 14.5).
I don’t watch to many videos on it, but i do a lot of zoom calls, where the audio is also delayed. very annoying :confused:
oh, and i just tried editing a video with them… totally unusable for that.

Is this issue fixed already? I want to buy the fairbuds, but this would be a deal breaker. I use a fairphone 5, is the issue present there?

Hi, I’m still having this issue, the audio is out of sync with video. Happens on both my FP5 and Microsoft Surface, across multiple services (e.g. YouTube, netflix, iPlayer). Is there an update on the fix? Thanks

Hello, I’m also waiting for any news concerning this latency problem. I use the fairbuds with my FP4 with the latest updates. It’s not possible to satisfyingly watch any video!