Can the new Fairbuds be used to watch video? What is the status of the delay?


I have noticed that some reviews and people mention that the new Fairbuds have a delay problem and because of it they aren’t very practical to use with video content. Now, some people mentioned It could be a bug that might be fixed in the future, then, there is this thread (Video and audio out of sync on iPhone with new Fairbuds) in which some responses seem to imply this is indeed a bug and is only present in some isolated cases. But it isn’t that clear to me and there haven’t been any posts with new information since april.

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I also see this when using the Fairbuds with my FP4. It’s quite annoying, actually, and I hope this can be fixed. Music is no issue, obviously.
With the Fairbuds XL, the videos play perfectly in sync with the audio, so it’s certainly not a general problem.


I use mine with my iPhone 11, and they are indeed not well suited video watching because of this delay. They work very well for podcast listening, which is luckily the main reason I bought the buds.

It would be nice to know if a update is coming, yes.


I once had delayed audio when watching a video on my Linux system using Fairbuds XL, but that seemed to be caused by them also being Connected to my FP3 simultaneously. At the time the FP3 was inert (not doing anything), so I was surprised.

That oddity was solved, as I now recall, by disconnecting from the FP3 and pausing the video on Linux (and very possibly rewinding a little bit).