Very disappointed with The Phone Coop support and IT security/privacy overall

This happened to my first Fp2. So I sent it back to my seller ThePhoneCoop. It took a lot of time to do this, after the online services would direct me here, then back to “The Reseller” of FP2. Only on the phone speaking to a human being could I describe the faults. (Basically what you have ). ThePhoneCoop contacted me and said "we can’t repair the phone, so we will send you another.) Fine I continued with my new phone, then speaker problem started. Some calls were fine others I could barely hear. Need new sim they told me here on Fp forum, “try that”. I did, but that didn’t solve problem. So I looked here again tried to do what told about removing speaker. No joy, and ect ect. Kept phoning ThePhoneCoop and kept getting redirected to here. Had to take serial numbers on batteries and frame gave this to ThePhoneCoop but never asked to send back phone this time just sent to website to find a cure. Eventually I cancelled my direct debit, because ThePhoneCoop would not let me return phone for a repair. Today I’ve received a court bill and excessive cancellation charges. - They are using a catch22 system.

Fairphone are probably under data/cyber attack, I should add.

"You’ll have to speak to our technical dept. They will call you back. Tech calls back asks for serial numbers. I provide serial numbers, I receive an email directing me to here. I phone ThePhoneCoop. They say “you’ll have to speak to our technical dept”. The technical department send me an email saying someone is looking into my query. I phone ThePhoneCoop. They say "you’ll need to speak to our technical dept…ect ect. I give up.

Based on what info or evidence?

This is a community forum, not the Fairphone company.
If The Phone Coop were directing people here for support, they would act rather dubiously. Are you sure they were not trying to direct you to some Fairphone company site (which still wouldn’t sound very professionally helpful, but could get you a step forward if done right)?
Please consider Fairphone’s own warranty and their own support options:

Real threat of court proceedings if I don’t pay off a huge sum I can’t afford. Hey guys, never get involved in politics …Active Measures…As to question “Based on what info or evidence”. I can only say that I don’t know. Can a fP speaker be hacked via sim or other means? I’m not a tech person. Just a reader of news on this topic. But I have learned from guys like @ashk4n (Twitter) (former FTC CTO) ex Obama advisor that the Facebook icon on a webpage can help crooks to track you. ThePhoneCoop had an FB icon. But many ways of doing this. I’m no expert. Please by the way watch tomorrow the NETFLIX film #TheGreatHack. Featuring the Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr who broke the Facebook story which yesterday resulted in a $5 billion dollar fine. (Should have been more). These are the guys I’ve been struggling to keep up with on tech issues.

Ah, I see. You meant Fairphones (the devices) are probably under data/cyber attack, not Fairphone (the company). Language is tricky, so I misunderstood :slight_smile: .

You didn’t say why you ended up with a court bill, now I’m curious.

And I opened a new topic for this, because this all feels too off-topic for the other topic.


OP ended up with a court bill for cancelling a direct debit to the aforementioned company.


Ok, that’s what this meant, thanks, I didn’t connect these dots somehow.

The co-op are completely ineffectual. My phone is not receiving calls, texts can take a few days to arrive and data does not work. Phoned co-op and they were just like, everything is working on our end. And yes, they just direct you to fairphone website. I’m out of contract so wondering whether to send my FP2 into shop to basically get everything fixed (battery dies quickly too and phone speaker doesn’t work) or just call it a day.

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If your FP2 is younger than 2 years you are covered by warranty. Only the battery has a warranty of 1 year.
Go to support and follow the guidelines.
When you have dismantled your bottom module, try to make a picture of both sides of the bottom module with another camera/phone.
You will need this photo’s for making a support request.


For the battery you could try a #dic:kickstart.


I had been paying £37.00 a month on a phone + data package with ThePhoneCoop. The phone was basically useless when I tried to get it sorted with ThePhoneCoop. For several months I was walking around carrying a phone that was of no use. My partner asked me why I was still paying £37.00 a month for no good reason. I couldn’t disagree. I had been directed here, but I could not get the phone fixed. I also could not cancel the direct debit for the data package that I had taken when I signed the online contract. ThePhoneCoop were at one point “looking into my complaint”. But didn’t ask me at any time to send phone back to them for repairs. Instead they sent me round in circles so I might fix the phone myself. Finally an email with terms & conditions, after I eventually decided to cancel direct debit, which I decided to do mostly out of frustration at the lack of communication and direction to get things sorted. Now a real threat of a court case. Ridiculous affair.

It always can happen that there is something wrong with a product. Shame to hear ThePhoneCoop isn’t taking their business serious and isn’t providing you with a good working Fairphone.
As Fairphone in this case isn’t the seller, you can only ask Fairphone to help you to get ThePhoneCoop solving this case.
I hope with you that a court case against ThePhoneCoop won’t be needed.
Good luck.

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Not quite.
Fairphone provide their own warranty regardless of the seller.
If you have your phone (i.e. it’s not sent in to somewhere else) and a proof of purchase, you can turn to Fairphone directly.


This is scandalous. Fairphone should terminate its partnership with The Phone Coop, regardless of the consequences of losing an important client.

If Fairphone hasn’t already done so, then I fear their standards are dropping.

I’ve gone to the bother of looking at ThePhoneCoop website. No sign of Fairphone. Presumably this is because it’s sold out.

By contrast, I was so outraged with this person’s experience that I highlighted it in the ‘Interesting Links’ discussion section, only to discover that my post has been quietly deleted overnight. Disquieting.

Because “Interesting Links” is for external links, not links on this forum.


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