Very disappointed with FP2 - great concept, phone sadly not good!

Sad to say I’m really disappointed with my FP2. I’ve had it (from new) for a few months and while I love the concept, sadly the phone is not good! Some of the issues I have found -
*The headphone jack has never worked properly
*The speaker doesn’t and hasn’t ever worked with phone calls (to be fair I did get sent some instructions about taking it apart to try and fix it, but I haven’t had time yet and this has been an issue from new out of the box!)
*The screen sometimes flickers crazily until you restart the phone
*It crashes regularly
*The camera regularly freezes for over 5 seconds between press and taking picture. Now I don’t bother - using someone else’s phone is quicker!
*It won’t connect via Bluetooth to a UE Boom (surely the most popular bt speaker)
*It’s so fussy about which charging cable to use and won’t charge in my car (with the same cable)… all other phones can!
*The outer case is quite solid but is slippery… easily dropped when wearing gloves
*Battery life not as good as expected for the price / in comparison with iPhone, Pixel, etc
*Get regularly disconnected from phone calls (more so than when on same network with other phones)

Overall I’d love to be an advocate of Fairphone… like I say I love the concept, but sadly I’ve had to advise my friends to avoid…


What did you do to solve your problems?


All the issues you have laid out (apart from the ones about the battery and the case) sound like clear defects, not just usability problems. If you are within warranty, you really should contact your provider or Fairphone immediately to get them resolved.

If you buy a product and it doesn’t work properly out of the box, the first thing you should do is contact the seller to replace or repair that product. I’m big on home repairs and DIY, but if my FP2 had had the issues you describe from day one, I’d have returned it immediately in exchange for a functioning device.


Hey… yep… you’re absolutely right. I did contact them and they sent me instructions to open the case and to try and reseat some components and perform some software resets, but I need to get back in touch with them and get it all sorted properly…


As far as I know, they ask for that kind of troubleshooting to solve the known problems the most easy way without unnecessary delay and to get a clearer concept of what might be at fault, so they can take on the troubles more specific, should you have to send in the phone. In the end this could speed things up and avoid sending the phone back and forth; although I would guess as well, that some of your troubles seem to call for claiming a warranty case.
I just hope, they won’t let you wait too long, when you have to get back to them.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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Just reading what ThePhoneCoop say about Fairphone & “Repairs”

So I phoned ThePhoneCoop when I was “experiencing a fault with [My] Fairphone” and called to speak to technical support. Who then directed me here! So to be clear, this is what matters when they say: “After 30 days we will repair faulty phones.” So why did they keep me waiting & direct me back to Fairphone? Fairphone had no way to stop direct debit. I have written to ThePhoneCoop and asked for records of phone & email, and asked where they have directed me to send phone for them to repair. Because I received no such instruction.

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Not trying to scam a phone off anyone, as you can see from my final bill (Plus Court proceedings charge! ). I had paid off over £500 + towards the phone and only had a few months of Direct Debit left to pay. But as I posted in another thread, and as quite a few others have stated here, getting a repair sorted was such a big deal, as I discovered on my first FP repair with ThePhoneCoop

(which ThePhoneCoop “couldn’t fix”). I think someone at ThePhoneCoop saw an easy way to avoid their side of this contract tbh.

My FP2 performs equally poorly, jack keeps falling out, crashes regularly, camera either doesn’t work (can’t open) and when works is appallingly poor quality (I too just ask other people to take photo and send to me!), is fussy about charging and I can’t get it to charge in the car either, battery life very poor, phone quality very bad (hard to hear, unclear and quiet - when I pass to other people they always note how terrible the quality is), the wifi drops a lot and the only way to get it to re-connect is to restart.
I had thought that this was the just what I had to live with to be ethical…so I guess it is re-assuring to hear that this is not just the expected level and I might get a repair…but it isn;t just one thing to report - its an overall total failure!

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