Using SD card for expanding internal storage. Now cannot use camera anymore

The storage of my FP3 is nearly full, so I decided to use my SD card for expanding my internal storage. I did this last year too and then lost all my photo’s. Now I still have acces to my old photo’s, but I can’t make any new ones!! So my camera doesn’t work.

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Unfortunately formatting an SD card as internal storage (phone storage) keeps causing exactly the problem you are describing. For the time being, the only advice is to change the format to portable storage. For further information about the two ways of formatting the card, see:


Thank you for your answer!
I formatted the card back to use my SD card as external storage. However, I am experiencing problems with actually using the SD card as an external storage. Is there a topic on how to save photos etc on the external storage. Thank you in advance!

I cannot provide a way to directly save photos to the SD card, but there might be ways to implement that (maybe someone else knows).

For my part, I’m just moving larger batches of photos from the (built-in) internal storage to the SD card manually every now and then – using the file manager. Photos are usually found in the DCIM folder (not in Pictures).

Admittedly not the most elegant way. But it works.


As mentioned above you can manually move or depending upon which camera app you use you can store directly on the SD card.

The following post shows the SD card used by Open Camera
(ignore the opening text as the default camera can now store direct to the SD card)


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