Using Fairphone with Chromecast and 128gb micro SD compatibility


My current phone is on it’s last legs and I’m just saving up for what might be a second hand or brand new fairphone. I have 2 questions:

  1. Does the fairphone work with Chromecast? Ie does the option to cast appear in the iPlayer and YouTube apps?

  2. Do some 128gb micro SD cards work in the fairphone? I know the spec shows support for 64gb, but this larger variant is now on the market.



Hi Ben,

I haven’t tried Chromecast extensively yet, I will let you know what my experiences are.
At the moment, the Fairphone doesn’t support SD cards with a bigger memory than 64gb.



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@ben101 I’ve updated the topic title and have moved this topic into the Fairphone Help! category so that others see this and can offer help on the use of the Fairphone broadcasting TV/Video services via wifi

In terms of SD Compatibility this has been answered by Fairphone support.

Hi, I’ve tried to run Chromecast from my FP but it’s not supporting this software unfortunately.

@kkallander, can you be more specific? Chromecast doesn’t work at all? Or are apps like Firefox, Netflix and YouTube able to send content to Chromecast and is complete screen and audio sharing not working? Because sharing your Android screen is only available for Android OS 4.4.2+

Here the comment is that 128 GB cards work:

thanks @mitar :thumbsup:

I’ve raised this with support and asked them to clarify the situation. I will post back here and on the other topic when I have an official answer

I was just too curious to try the Chromecast, :smile: so I bought it and it works perfect in combination with FairPhone! I am able to play YouTube videos on my television and play videos from Firefox tabs (using the nightly build).


Tos, Mitar - thanks for your feedback. Definitely worth me getting a fairphone!

@ben101, while Chromecast installs and connects well with the receiver unit, there is no function on the phone to share the screen. I compared this to my brothers’ phone (Galaxy Nexus) and the options for sharing were simply not available on the FP.

Hi Tos,

Does this mean you are able to mirror your fairphone screen to your TV using chromecast and the nightly version of firefox? I’ve got everything but can’t seem to get this to work. Can you advise how to do this please?


Hi C_Gaffey,

Mirroring a tab in Firefox Nightly works good, although it takes some time before the button becomes available in the menu. Sending embedded videos to Chromecast proves more difficult for me, this doesn’t work all the time, while the YouTube app works perfect in that regard.
See this link for Mozilla’s step by step explanation to get it to work:

Does screen mirroring work because i want tot mirror apps/games to my tv

Hi Ben!
I just bought an 128GB micro SD card from Sandisk.
It works fine.
The fairphone wanted to format the card. Now it happily copies data on it.

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While it is possible to use Chromcast on the FP with the special Apps, like the Chromcast APp itself, and others (YouTube, Mediathek Cast etc.) it is not possible to stream the whole phone screen to the Chromecast stick. This is not an FP issue, but depends on the Android version. Complete “chromecasting” is possible from 4.4 onwards.

We’ve tested this today with various phone on a big TV screen with a Chromcast stick. With my FP I need the apps, collegoues with Android 4.4 or 5 can stream everything they see on their phone. Android 4.4 and up just includes the Chromcast symbol to cast everything.


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