What kind of SD-card does FairPhone support?

As I now have a uniformed storage I need to buy an SD-card, but I need the right one preferably to a good price. Before there were a page with technical data on the website that had that kind of information. I think is now gone, as I can’t find it. So - what kind of SD-card does Faiphone support?

From http://www.fairphone.com/fairphone/:

MicroSD: Add up to 64 GB of additional memory to save lots of extra apps, photos and entertainment.

(you might have to use the scrolling dealie to see the relevant section, it’s in ‘midframe’)

Edit: You might also wonder if microSD cards larger than 64GB are supported- the answer is not currently.

Edit 2: One person has reported 128GB cards work, but an official answer is awaited.

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You can find this info in the specification page: http://shop.fairphone.com/specs-page.html

So, why do you NEED an SD card when you update to unified storage? Isn’t it still possible to save data like photos etc. on the internal storage after the update?

@mgkoeln It seems to me easier to have one seperate removable storage (SD) for backups, and to install from when booting the phone into “recovery mode”. If it can be as large as 65GB it can also hold my entire music collection.

Edit: I bought 64GB SD-card today to find out that my music collection cas 100GB :slight_smile:

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You can easily do without SD card with the unified storage. I do use an SD card as default storage though, so I never have to worry about running out of space for apps.

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