USB data transfer not possible

Hi Community,

When I connect my fairphone 3 via USB to Windows 10 you can hear the “USB-connect-sound”. But when I then select data-transfer on the fairphone you can hear the “USB-disconnect-sound” and the fairphone is no longer visible in the Windwos explorer. This problem did not occur last year.

I know that a similar topic was solved here: No USB data transfer possible after update to FPOOS Android 9

But the solution(-video) about the driver update did not work for me. The device-manager brings up different results and there is always an error if i try to update the driver

Is there another solution ?

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Thanks for your reply
There are no programms to be found via the control panel with MTP, ADB and SDK in its name

Just in case you are only referring to the what can be seen in the automatic post preview given here, that’s not all there is to do, please follow the link to the complete post (the blue heading would have been the link … USB File Transfer Mode).

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