No USB data transfer possible after update to FPOOS Android 9

Hello, and thanks to everybody keeping FPOOS alive and up-to-date!

I updated after a while (so I could find bugs and fixes in the forum :-), and it went well as far as I noticed. Now I need the USB cable data connection, but the FP2 does not show up in my Windows explorer anymore. Funnily, if I select PTP connection mode on the FP2, it appears on Windows, but as soon as I switch to either Midi or data connection mode, the entry on the Windows file list disappears. I need data connection as I want to transfer non-image data.

Anybody else experiencing this issue? Why is that? What can be done to fix it?

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FP2: FPOOS 21.0.3 (Android 9, March 5th 2021, build fp2_sibon-userdebug 9 sibon-3cb25d6c)

Windows: 8.1, 64bit

Hello, has been solved by (re-)installing the/an MTP driver. See this tutorial, which is in German and produced for a Shiftphone, but helped nevertheless:


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