Usb charger making sparking sound when unplugging

Hi, there is a “sparkling” sound when unplugging with the long life 3.2 offficial fairphone cable. it doesn’t sound sparkling when i use a different charging cable. Do other people have this issue?

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Hi I remember another topic/post [FP3] on this, you can search :slight_smile:


I don’t know what it could be, but it’s definitely not a spark. Spark size is proportional to the voltage (I think with the square root, but idk) and a USB cable only has 5V. Maybe quick-charging also increases the voltage, but I doubt it’ll go over 15V which is way too little to create a spark, let alone one that you can hear.

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Spark size it a function of Voltage, the available Current and the conductor medium and gap. The issue about voltage is that the lower the voltage the nearer the contacts need to be where there is insulation ~ as in air. But any voltage will spark if there is enough overall power. 1000v x 1A or 10v x 100A etc ~~ 1V x 1000A

For example try shorting out a 6V 10AH battery, not too scary. Try shorting a 6V 250AH battery and it’s a bit more sparky.

Further if the electrode is very thin a high enough current will melt the electrode which will cause a flash and crackle.


Just as an example of low voltage spark use

Battery operated laryngoscopes have two types of switching, one of which could cause an external spark. Laryngoscopes normally supply 2.8 volts and 0.67 amps,
Sparks, Low Voltage Sources and Flammable Anaesthetics | Semantic Scholar

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Thank you for the answer! Will submit the problem to the customer support then.

Hey together,

I ordered my FP4together with theUSB C cable accessory.
But every time I plug it in and out I hear a light rattle. It could be the material it self itcould be the sound of light sparkeling as well.
Anyone here ordered the cable as well and can say if it’s the same for you?


Hi, mine makes a funny sound too!

Yeah, mine does that too. I would characterize it more as a metallic “swooosh” though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Probably just tight tolerances in the connector, my cheap Anker ones plug in way more loosely.

I moved your post to an existing one.
As Fairphone offers differnet cable, maybe you want to specify which you are using?

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Thanks for moving.andthanks fortha fast replies.
Good to hear that thisis common.
Still strange though.
If @flabanf get’s a feedback I would lovetohearit. :smiley:

Whenever I plug out the USB-C cable from my FP4 I hear a loud rattling noise. Idk if it comes from the cable itself or the charge port but it is pretty distinct. Is this normal or should I be worried? Does anyone else have this issue? Thank you in advance

Hello and welcome to the Community Forum. :slight_smile: I moved your post here because it seems this issue was discussed here before. I hope you find your topic fitting in this topic.

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I got the USB-C 3.2 Long Life Cable today and noticed a ‘clicking’ sound when unplugging right away.
After reading the posts here, I compared it with a Nokia USB-C cable and charger. What was quite interesting is the fact that it makes the sound even when not plugged into a charger or phone. Even when just popping off the attached USB-A adapter, I get the sound - no matter which end of the cable I connect it to. So if this really was an electrical issue, the unplugging had to create enough friction to cause this, which sounds unlikely to me (then again, never was good with physics). My guess is: this sound is the tiny pins inside the USB-C connector that snap back in place or something like that? Probing the insides of the connector of the Nokia and Fairphone cable gives the impression that inside the Nokia one everything seems very stiff while there seems to be some flexibility in the Fairphone one. It’s really hard to tell though.

Did anybody get an answer from support on that matter? I’ve read that some got the info that this indeed was a defect. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hi there, same issue for me, a sort of electric sound when I unplug the USB-C 3.2 charging cable from my FP4. As already written above, the sound is even there when I unplug the USB-A adapter and that the cable is not plugged anywhere…

So I contacted the support, sent a video of the sound and they sent me a new cable. BUT, the sound is still there, however, it is way more quiet now. Just a little “swish”

Just still don’t know if it can damage the FP4 or any part of it…

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My USB-C 3.2 charging cable (with the original, “big” new PSU) makes that sound when getting disconnected, too.

Hi all,
Me too. Did anyone get an answer from support yet?
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Two posts above yours :slight_smile:


Doh! I should have read the second paragraph… :flushed:

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Last answer from the support (12.01.22) :

"I’m very sorry to hear you’re having a similar issue with your new cable.

To help you further with your request, I am asking for advice from the relevant department. As soon as I have an update, I will get back to you."

So let’s wait and see…


I also experience a sparkling / cracking noise upon disconnecting the long life cable from the phone.

Did you already hear back from the support?