Crackling noise when unplugging charger

Hey Fairphoners,

I got my Fairphone on Wednesday and noticed that when I unplug the USB charger from the phone, it emits a crackling electricity noise. I thought at first it was the velcro cable tie and removed that but the noise continued. It appears both when I charge through an outlet or a USB connection on my laptop. Even if I disconnect the charger from the outlet first and give it a few seconds before pulling the cable from the phone, the noise still happens.

I tried my partner’s charger (for a Sony phone) and there was no crackling noise. Does anyone else’s charger emit that noise? Not sure if I should return it straight away?


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So did you buy a Fairphone charger too? I would be tempted to send it back as it may be giving out a voltage that is too high or has a capacitor that is being discharged when disconnected.

What cable do you use?

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Yep, I got the official FP charger when I ordered the phone, it’s their USB-C 3.2 Long Life Cable. Cheers, will get in touch with them and see what can be done.

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Well you can return within 14 days without a reason but it would be good to know if it is a bit iffy.

I suppose if you bought it online you still have a current email contact.

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Just got my FP3+ and I do experience the same behavior.
The cable is crackling when being disconnected, strangely on both USB-C ends (it doesn’t matter if I disconnect the cable from the phone or from the charger).
It even emits a sound when the cable is being disconnected from the charger without the phone being plugged in on the other end.

It would be interesting to know if this is harmless or if its a source for concern.

Edit: This is about this cable btw: Fairphone-Long-Life-Kabel USB-C 3.2 | Fairphone

This is apparently a factory fault.

Hi. Vani and welcome to the forum.

So what do you think has a factory fault, the cable or the phone etc.?

According to customer support, the cable has a defect.


Oh dear. @vani Can you please be as specific as possible - or point us to the source? I really need more info on this. I hear the same thing and (also) thought it was some kind of capacitor discharging, but I had no idea if this is normal or dangerous or whatever. After all, it works fine…

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