Upset about Fairphone's handling of Update issues?

Fairphone creates topics to provide some info on updates. In the recent topics failures to perform are then added as comments.

It would be helpful if each issue, as and when found, is then used to create a topic on that single issue.

Further it would be useful to separate criticisms of Fairphone on their abilities to live up to expectations to a separate topic.

I.E This Topic

It would be useful to prefix any comment with the relevant update’s date tag.

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How much does Fairphone need to alter besides the device/drivers and blobs? Would be interesting to have a bit more insight into what they do, as I assume they initially start with the AOSP release of Android. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I suppose you could ask them for a detailed explanation of why it takes so long

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(post deleted by author)

From my own software engineering experience etc. only speculation.

If I had the caller ID issue I’m sure I would have been querying Fairphone directly.

I made a new topic for the brightness issue which Fairphone acknowledged but no-one has made a separate topic on the > Germany > Vodafone > Caller ID issue ~ I’m a little surprised given it’s impact and the number of disgruntled users.


Not sure why you linked to the post above given your criticism.

As to downplaying the issues, there is a dedicated topic on the brightness issue and I have that.

The caller ID I don’t have but I can understand how upset those that do have it could be.

It just seems all the ranting and raving about Fairphone in the base topic only go to help disgruntled users vent to each other. Howvere as this is a public forum it makes sense that such clearly off topic venting could be a separate topic.

The idea of a separate topic is not to play down any issues that uses have with Fairphone but to focus them and separate them from topics that provide workarounds.

only that its not off topic… And if you do not have experienced the unknown caller bug yourself… what makes you an expert in the subject to tell people how to feel about this (wich are affected by the problem)? You have no workaround or any helpful advise because there is non. Also, the german tread of unknown caller bug linked to the english one… so this is why we are there… and not in your “new” thread.

Maybe you could point to where I suggested someone should or should not feel this way or that.

Ah! So enlightening even more reasons for a specific topic :slight_smile:

Thank you

Well let me tell you… You complaining about peoples rants and the “venting” they do in this userforum. Of wich you remind everyone that IT IS a userforum.

What do you expect from a userforum? A feelgood-circlejerk about fairphone awesomeness all the time? If that is what you want… they have a marketingdivision that do that in various social media channels. You might wanna go there for good feelings.

It apears as if you project criticism against the fairphone-devs on yourself. If someone (and by someone i mean me) “vents” in a thread you jump out of the corner

private inconvenience is not a public inconvenience, so privately i can use a bucket.
The problem is seeing Fairphone’s inability to clear your pipe as a public inconvenience, hence a lot of public conversation, where as your dissapointment us private.So when private inconvenieces are publicly aired it can be a bit dirty and smelly:)No harm airing your thoughts in public but some users of the forum may be down wind of your air.

“Some users” is only you… isnt it?

There is a tradition in this forum which is to help people and try to stay on the topic defined as the subject in order people looking for a solution to their problem can find it easily.

I myself got upset by things I read and I lost the subject of view. I regret it.


Maybe it’s my UK language use of English. I have no problem with people venting and am not complaining. This topic is doing exactly what I was offering a place to express how upset someone is with Fairphone, not to dissuade them from doing so.

If you want to continue your expressing your disappointment/frustration with Fairphone in the other topic you are clearly welcome. I don’t see anyone complaining about you.

Maybe I am the only one you take issue with.

On the subject where you have issues with other users, i.e. not just wanting to express you’re frustration at Fairphone, there is this.

As you seem to be complaining here about my posts not supporting your complaints not vehemently enough you may consider that is off-topic and use.

Could we just stop this “game of provoking”, please? (No, I do not want to see you create another new thread named “Are we playing games?” in this forum after that post!)

I suppose it is true that engaging with people can be seen as provocation, but the idea of not engaging seems counter productive.

  • Fairphone provide a forum
  • People comment on how good the phone is and their unhappy experiences.
  • People want to comment not just on the phone but Fairphone’s support which includes OS updates.
  • People take issue with each others comments

What’s not to engage with.

Calling such a response games and calling a response provocation is hypocritical in that it is much the same and ironic in that it provokes a response…

However there is another topic for that, previously mentioned, this was tilted Upset about Fairphone not Upset about the user comments.

Just to be clear I am not upset by being ‘provoked’ to respond, it’s just off topic.

So back to topic.

There is clearly a note of discontent about Fairphone’s handling of updates and although I have not been personally effect much, it would help to know when a fix is due.

But can Fairphone be expected to test every carrier via a SIM to see that they all produce the Caller ID?

This is a question that can be directed to them, not just complained about on the forum, repeatedly, for those who find this issue ‘unacceptable’

The name of this thread is “Upset about Fairphone’s handling of Update issues?”, so this

is off topic, because it has nothing to do with an update policy, respectively a lack of information.

It would help a lot sometimes if you just leave some posts uncommented. Instead, it seems that you keep the fire burning, e.g. by opening thread after thread, adding more and more fuel by doing so. There are things in life we both cannot change, and so is the current update mess. By opening one thread after the other and repeating your unnecessary arguments about things that cannot be changed shortly, I think you do not prove beneficial to Fairphone. If your daughter wanted a hot chocolate and hates vanilla, you would not cook a vanilla milk for her, right? And you would not insist and try to convince her by telling the advantages of vanilla milk to her, right?

Therefore: No more threads about obvious failures, please. And especially not about hot chocolate and vanilla milk! Thanks…

As I previously stated you may like to address to the topic on personal issues rather than here, as it is not a Fairphone issue.

… and another oil squirt went into the fire…

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(post deleted by author)

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