Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

I just don’t understand the agressive wording and tone in this thread.

To be clear: Fairphone messed up with the last update. In the last answer to my private support request (September 27th), Fairphone stated:

Fairphone is aware of the problem and has promised a fix with the next update. I see no reason in discussion any other possible faults, e.g. Vodafone Germany.

The only question remaining is the date, when the next update will be rolled out.


@LordNerevar I agree with your view but then I don’t have the problem with the caller ID so I am not much put out by the brighteness.

Others are very upset and find this a place to vent.

@DeepSea >The processing of the carrier info is down to Fairphone.

Yes but if the info is incomplete Fairphone can’t do much.

When I first got my FP3 the carrier/network name was T-Mobile.
T-Mobile run the network that EE were running on in the UK. It was a little disturbing when I saw it as I was expecting to see EE

It wasn’t a caller ID issue just a carrier name one. The info being sent by the carrier was incorrect. Luckily it was not impacting the use of the phone and was resolved quicker than this caller ID issue.

However I note it has happened with Vodafone more than once on Fairphone and on other carriers of theirs.

I imagine if there was a quick and easy fix it would have been pushed out within a week. Clearly it’s not as simple for Fairphone to do, as those with the problem would wish.

Again: It worked before the latest update.

So you have deep insights in their software development, or is that a vague speculation?

I note from the preceding response there is still this idea that the poster is very upset with what they perceive as a failure on the part of Fairphone to live up to the author’s expectation…

Such repetitive complaints about how Fairphone have managed, or failed to have managed the author’s expectations, especially if they have the caller ID issue.

That however does not relate to the actual issues that were acquired by some after the update.

Responding to such complainants can be demanding and they can appear like trolls, I think the expression is, but they are ‘human’ and want acknowledgement of their pain and suffering.

To those people I am sure Fairphone have some idea, maybe not much but I don’t see how the criticism of Fairphone is going to help resolve the problem.

There could be a post dedicated to Upset about Fairphone’s handling of Update issues.

OK I’ll make one :slight_smile:

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Well then… Senpai of the forum… tell us your wisdom? What exactly changed in vodafones carrier info?? I put my sim in my wifes new FP3. Fresh out of the box, vanilla from the factory. No updates are made. I put it in 4G and let my wife call me. Suprise… the number showd up. As expected! Put my sim back in my up-to-date 4G FP3… Unknown caller…

You know what changed on vodafones side? Absolutly nothing.

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Nothing has to change, it may just not be compatible with the update.

I’m sure I read somewhere that Fairphone and Vodafone have looked into this and the issue resolved.

Anyway when posts are more about abilities of Fairphone or their lack of there is this.

Probably you mean this post:


I can’t find the post/topic I am thinking of, but here’s an example of an earlier problem with Vodafone.

I tried to help but when people just refuse every solution then there is no way to help them. That’s why I don’t understand what they keep writing the same post again and again asking people who don’t work at Fairphone to hurry up to fix the problem.

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You will never get a Fairphone since it will never be as powerful as you want. Just go for a pixel, it is a good phone for you.


(post deleted by author)

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what’s the point?

3G was disabled this year in Germany by all 3 providers (T-Mobile, Telefonica, Vodafone). This means concerning the combination FP3/Germany/Vodafone the following. You can either disable 4G/LTE and know who is calling, but at the same time crippling your mobile date transfer to 2G/EDGE… or you can use 4G/LTE but you can’t see who is calling. If you miss a call, you can’t answer.

And this situation hasn’t changed for nearly 2 months. This is not a question of a fast mobile phone for mobile multimedia / gaming / whatever. This bug simply broke the most basic function of a mobile PHONE for users of Vodafone in Germany. At least, Fairphone could show up in this thread and announce a planned release date for the f***ing patch to fix the mess they made.

Of course, we could buy a second SIM for mobile data and leave the Vodafone SIM in 2G-mode… if FP would pay for it :wink:

If FP doesn’t fix this sh** soon, this will be the first and last Fairphone I ever owned.


I 100% agree. I do really love the whole concept of fairphone and I was always proud to own one. But I never expected the fairphone team to fail in such a massive way as they do with the unknown-caller-id. If I would use my fairphone for business they would have already lost me as a customer forever. But even with private-use only I am extremely annoyed by now. I have to apologize to friends and relatives on a daily basis for not getting back to them. this simply can´t go on. Either you fix this really soon or I will never buy another fairphone ever.


The most basic use of a phone is (was?) to phone, not to know who is calling you…

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why are you defending Fairphone in this incident? Do you really want to discuss, whether showing the calling number is an essential function of any phone with a display in the last 30 years?

Like i wrote yesterday, I don’t get the point of this discussion. Fairphone messed up, their communication is bad and no fix is rolled out after nearly 2 months. They can stick the sustainable hardware up their a** if they fail on the software part.


Why is that relevant to my text you reply to? Why are you gaslighting? My Fairphone will be delivered on November 1st. I will try it out. And of course technology should make my life easier, not harder. That’s why I don’t get those replies by people like you, that somehow the solution is a voicemail. That’s not the hallmark of problem-solving and problem identification skills. Stop with these impractical solutions, they make no sense and they pollute the conversation here.


Fairphone 3 with unkown caller bug is a phobe you cant phone with. As affected by this bug it is normally not a good way to use an communicate a new phone number (hey people i own a fairphone. yes a paid more for less but please use a new number as it has problems)

Using 2G works, but it is not really a smartphone any more.

But even if its frustrsting every day since weeks - bugs ma occur. But a dont understand why it is not possible to say clearly WHEN the next Update will come and if a fix will be included.

Are they without any plan, deadline? Thats bit the way to work in a business in 2021.

I saw a lot good things (updating fp2), but as the needed spare part wasn available and a new fp3 can not be used both for phone and mails for now nearly two month I dont see a reason to buy ANY new fairphone.

Please do your self a favor, update and communicate. You have useless fp3 app on the phone…


I am sorry, that is the stupidest statement in mobilphonehistory to 2021. Reminds me of applefanboyism, who will defend the company to the death, even knowing very well they fucked it up bad.


Hi Welcome to the forum, hopefully you will know this is not the best way to communicate your demands and view to Fairphone as this is a user forum.

@Martin_Mattausch-Wie @Alain_Guillet @LordNerevar @brabird etc.

There is now a thread dedicated to complaining about Fairphone’s update issues.

This topic could be better used to noting issues and offering temporary workarounds, as otherwise helpful ideas get lost in the debris left by the venting of anger.

And this useless app recieved an UPDATE YESTERDAY!!

Yeah you keep saying that ever so often… you should put that on a t-shirt.

And you yourself made this one… why? I have read the stuff thats there right now… As expected you! do the same stuff as in this tread. Downplaying the issue and tell people to go the emailway with fp-support.

By the way, the title of this tread is: “Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bug)”

Guess what: The complaints have to do with the update AND the bugs.

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