Upgrading from *official* 14.1 to 15.1 (feedback/issues)

The settings button crash should be fixed in next build.



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Clock Widget -> Widget Settings -> crashes on me. :wink:

Yes, me, too :frowning:


I can confirm this behaviour.

Will we loose the 2,4GHz Bonding that was mentioned in the release notes some time ago ;-)?

Yesterday I swapped my battery and after that my Bluetooth devices were gone, so it is not only when updating. Do you have similar experiences?
I could not reproduce it with every reboot, so I am not sure where to start looking.

Sometimes the connection to my Pebble get lost too. I need the full connection process to reconnect. In the Pebble BT menu I now have two Fairphones. Thats a little wierd, the BT address should be the same. Maybe this is based on BT and BTLE, but this behavior is new for me. On 14.1 the behavior was different.
@Thijs Did not tried to remove the battery yet.


I could not really prove it up to now, but i have the impression this rom uses more cores concurrently at higher clock frequency, as i think my phone gets warmer in use as with 14.1 and battery drains faster, even though idle drain is not noticably different.
Anyone else?

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Apps, such as “Battery Charge Limit”, also no longer run under LineageOS 15.1. The program crashes immediately after starting.

Well my impression is, that the battery is lasting longer. But I made the observation via CPU-Z app, that at maximum 2 cores are sleeping. Core 0 and 3 seem always online with minimum 300 Mhz.
I’d be careful to consider this a general fact though…

It’s running for me, even though it sometimes crashes, but a restart or two afterwards it keeps running. As the crashes are seldom i have no logcat

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Is Settings - Battery - Battery saver and performance - Performance profile
set to Efficiency already?

Yes, most often only two cores are running at minimum speed, but if there’s a jump, the or for cores jump maximum speed. Just coming to my mind that maybe i could see more with split windows, so i could get a grip on it…

Mine as well: goes up to 97°C (according to TWRP 3.1.1-1) when doing a backup.

Mine as well: goes up to 97°C (according to TWRP 3.1.1-1) when doing a backup.
Upgrade went fine.

There was an issue with lineage automatic updates. This will be fixed in next release, meaning that it should work in next-next release (at least for people with old camera).




It also runs fine for me…

Yesterday I did a battery swap and my devices were still there. So it is not 1-to-1 related.
Bluetooth on my headphones was acting weird as well: usually the buttons trigger the volume on the phone to change, but yesterday it did not (only on my headphones). This morning (after the swap) it did change volume on my phone again.
And there is Bug 33 and 37.

Major improvement : notification LED is blinking fast when set so in Silence app.


Small nostalgic thoughts about :

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