Notification LED slow blinking problem

After colors have been made available for notifications, the blinking frequency became slow, and can’t be setup from applications (such as GravityBox or Silence).

As stated by @therob, it started directly after the Update 1.2.8.

I noticed it with the messanger Conversations (see link below) and I noticed it as well with the app “Prof. Reminder”: the LED isn’t influenced by the pulse length settings.

And additionally to a very low frequency of blinking (~once every 3-5sec, disregarded the settings), the LED is just slowly rising, instead of a real, digital “blink” (as it was for sure before the update to 1.2.8 for the Conversations notification…

Can anybody bring light to this behaviour?

We both have rooted the phone and have GravityBox running.

A slow blinking leads to miss notifications if you check too quickly for phone, it is a problem.
Being able to set a rapid blinking, even if it’s still despite application settings, would be a great improvement from my point of view.


Thanks for the hearts :slight_smile:

Lets cut it in smaller parts:

  • who else is experiencing the same behavior of notification LED ?
  • who considers it as a problem also ?

All the testimonies may help dragging this problem to the light.
Since it’s my 3rd post about it, I assume no easy work around were discovered yet.

Update on this serious issue. No one else ?

  • Me
  • Not me

To be honest I’m glad it blinks slow - it’s easier to ignore without getting nervous. :wink:

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Blinking is very slow here. Have to stare at my phone for several seconds to recognize that it is blinking.
I would love to have a configuration option for blinking length to change it as I like it.


Me too.

And such a configuration exists, for instance in Silence app (ciphered SMS). But it’s not taken into account by the Fairphone. You can change the color of the LED, and it works, but not the blinking speed…

Installing LineageOS is not fixing this issue.

This issue was already added to the LineageOS bugtracker.

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