Updating LineageOS 17.1 for microG via TWRP + feature test

Thank you AnotherElk, it was worth trying. I did it two times, but after the last “#” the typed digits simply disappear and the screen is back to the regular telephone app. Finally I tried it without the last “#” digit, but then it said something along the lines of “wrong code”. But it is okay, I am very happy with my Lineage for microG-FP2 which I am currently using. What bothers me more is the installation of Lineage for microG on a new FP3 which I planned to get ready for Christmas. But this is another topic.

Just a quick update on my situation as it may help others.
As I won’t have the time to do a full backup and a clean install before the holidays, I tried the advice found here:

So I turned off the transition animation scale, the window animation scale and the animator duration scale. Don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but I have had only one or two app crashes in the last 4 days.

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You don’t happen do have some sort of firewall installed? If FCM servers can not be reached, this might explain the problems?

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No, I don’t have any firewall, thank you for asking. At Christmas I will see my daughter for whom I installed Lineage OS for microG on my former FP2, I will know if she has the same problem.
But it does not matter at the moment, I have a more urgent problem, I really bricked the new FP3 which I was preparing for another of my children. I made the mistake of doing step 4 “erasing all data etc” in the wiki https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/FP2/install and now when I start in recovery mode to apply the LineageOS installing zip, I get the notice on my PC "grafik I am just working on defining what the situation exactly is at the moment, it seems that even a factory reset does not work any more. When I boot the FP3, I get this:

which basically allows me to use google to telephone :-((((
I will continue with this in the appropriate thread.

No reply but an amendment. I got Lineage OS on the new FP3 now, so it is not bricked :slight_smile: But I could not install the Lineage-MicroG zip, (ErrorCode::kDownloadMetadataSignatureMismatch) … Installation aborted. But the regular Lineage OS zip was accepted. So am extremely relieved now, and I will go on trying tomorrow after work. AND I am going to copy this to the correct thread - this one here is the thread for my own FP2.

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Hey folks,
not sure, if the thread is right here, move my post if not…

I tried to upgrade lineage for microg 16.1 to 17.1 using the method described here: Upgrade LineageOS on FP2 | LineageOS Wiki
My TWRP version is 3.2.3-0.
Upgrade went fine, but lots of my apps didn’t start (incl. whatsapp, firefox, osmand and others). Others did (firefox klar, signal) but sometimes only the first try after a reboot.
First, I tried to install lineage for microg 17.1 again using the built in updater -> same behavior
Tried to wipe cache & dalvik -> same behavior
Tried to go back to 16.1 via the backups I made (made 2, just to be sure). -> phone does not boot. I get the white fairphone-logo und nothing happens (waited for at least 30min).

Any suggestions where to go from here? What would make sense to try?
Thanks in advance!

Ok, solved it. FYI:
I wiped everything with TWRP, put Lineage for microg 17.1 (newest) on a SC-Card and flashed it with TWRP.
Everything seems to work, Apps are still there and work. :smiley:

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I was a little too euphoric, I guess:
At first, everything worked fine. OS itself still does, but the problem with apps that do not start is back.
Let’s take whatsapp as an example, the same is valid for other apps like signal or firefox. I see the following behavior:

  • when the phone has been rebooted, the app is opening (sometimes, not always though)
  • when I close the app and try to open it again, it does not open
  • in settings > apps I cleared the apps cache -> does not help
  • updated the app -> does not help
  • try to uninstall it via settings > apps -> does not work. the phone shows the message “whatsapp is uninstalling” but freezes there or reboots

Tried the same for signal:

  • could uninstall it via aurora store
  • tried to reinstall -> get the message “signal is unistalling” and arora store freezes
  • closed it and now aurora store does not open anymore
  • did reboot the phone -> signal is there and does start, but again, only the first try

Any suggestions?

At least I could restore my backup now by

  • flashing the backup with twrp
  • flashing twrp with fastboot

So I have a (more or less) working phone again :slight_smile:

I have no suggestion (never encoutered this error) except the hard solution:

  • go back to your latest stable LOS16 backup (TWRP restore)
  • make a backup of your individual apps with e.g. Titanium backup
  • make a fresh install of LOS17 (full wipe)
  • restore the apps one by one with Titanium.

Hope you’ll solve the problem,

Lineage for microG is building again!
Got an update today :+1:


Hello guys,

I installed the new update (lineage-17.1-20210327-microG-FP2) via OTA and now my FP2 is not booting anymore.
My current setup:

  • TWRP 3.3.1-1
  • LineageOS 17.1 for microG (obviously :wink: )
  • magisk
  • Xposed with XPrivacyLua (via magisk-modules riru-core/riru_edxposed_sandhook)

The first time booting after the update was successful. However, the root permissions were missing. I then booted into TWRP recovery and reinstalled magisk (21.4) there. Now it does not boot anymore. I only see the LOS boot animation for minutes and nothing happens except that the FP2 gets hot.

Wiping Cache/Dalvik did not help. Also uninstalling magisk did not make any change.

Do any of you have any idea what I can try to get it to boot again? I would like to avoid reinstalling the smartphone.


Did you try to manually reinstall LineageOS (without wiping any data etc.) as this attempt would also not mean a reinstallation?

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Hi @Volker!
No, I had not. And now I’m a little annoyed with myself that I hadn’t just tried it. The device boots perfectly again. Thanks a lot! You saved my day (or at least saved me from a lot of work).

In case others are facing a similar problem, here are a few more notes on what else I did before reinstalling the update “by hand”. Just in case reinstalling wasn’t the only factor:
I suspected the magisk modules for EdXposed, since it was only after installing magisk that the device got stuck on boot. So I had tried uninstalling the modules. In doing so, I used this:

Simply flashed the zip and started the manager in the terminal: sh /sdcard/mm
Then uninstalled the appropriate modules riru-core and riru_edxposed_sandhook.
Unfortunately the device still could not boot.
Then I uninstalled magisk again.
Booting still not possible.
Then reinstalled the update (thanks again!).
Booting was successful - but without magisk.
Reinstalled magisk.
Booting successful - device runs fine again.

So I don’t know if uninstalling the magisk modules did any good… I’m only writing this in case reinstalling the update doesn’t help others with a similar problem.

Have a nice day everyone!



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