Update to 1.8 screwed up my FP in a number of ways (and the 'support tutorial' gives no information)

EDIT2: Forget about this post since @tetefolle has raised the same questions in the update thread and received answers

(my reason for writing a post in the ‘Help’ category was to avoid that the issue was overlooked)

Updated to 1.8 and the update process seemed to work flawlessly, but:

  1. I can’t reinstall the Play Store, I get the message “Fairphone Updater is updating your operating system in the background. Please try again later”. For how long is this background updating supposed to go on? Got the same message for half an hour now, and persisting after rebooting.

EDIT: suddenly it worked, no idea why. OK, one problem solved. But what about:

  1. Where are my home screens? After updating, 5 screens were reduced to 3. I tried removing/reactivating the google installer widget, but when removing widgets from that screen the screen also disappeared, leaving me with two… and I had to remove another widget in order to find space for the play store installer, so now I’m left with one screen - how can I expand the space?

Please help me out.

The so-called support tutorial is a joke. It contains not a tiny iota of support or tutorial on how to use/tweak the new features.

First of all @kgha if you call this ‘screwing’ up your phone, then your wrong.

The first point your making is purely based on inpatience. No-one can say how long this would’ve taken. As this is quite a large update, yes, it can and could take a while. This depends on your internet connection, battery percentage etc. As you can see: it did work out by just waiting.

Your second point is somewhat ungrounded. I’ve read somewhere on the site (see quote below) that this update clears your entire home screen, deletes all icons and installs a new launcher, thus resulting in an empty ‘home’ screen. Adding home screens can be achieved by tappin on your settings button (soft button left to home) and adding a widget, than dragging it to the right until a new screen pops up. If this doesn’t work, try using an alternative launcher (just search the play store, or any store for that matter for ‘launcher’ and a large amount of launchers will be available). These launchers often have a wider scale of customizability.

Please note: Due to the new format of the launcher, this update will erase the icon shortcuts on your Home screen. You can easily put your icons back after you complete the update.)

Posting things like this and immediately ‘blaming’ the new software update for screwing up your phone is a little short-sighted. Instead, try and find out what is causing this instead of immediately blaming something else. I’m sorry if this sounds rude, but I understand that the forum is a way of helping other people but immediately screaming ‘help’ me whenever something new and/or strange happens is a little bit annoying, in my opinion.

About the tutorial part, if you’ve read this, you would’ve seen this …

So yeah it’s quite logical that there’s not yet a large amount of tutorials.

On your home screen, touch and hold a widget or app shortcut and when it “comes loose” (you can drag it) simply drag it to the right edge of the screen and you’ll be presented with a new, empty homescreen panel on which you can drop your widget. This way you can increase the number of homescreens. If you hit the menu button while on a homescreen, the new launcher thing pops up and you can touch and hold the homescreens there to rearrange them. Note that the center homescreen (biased to the right in case of an even number of homescreens) is the one you’ll go to if you hit the home button on your phone.

As you have answered, am closing this

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