Update FP3 with Magisk (rooted)?


I have rooted my FP3 with Magisk and now I cannot update my phone (error during the install).

I have seen this Magisk page about updates. Is FP3 an A/B partitions device? How to achieve the updates?

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Although the following document is for FP4, the OTA update steps should probably also apply for you:

(and yes, FP3 is an A/B partition device)


You need to be aware, though, that updating your FP3 beyond 8901.4.A.0021.0 will completely break Magisk because of:

System update improvements
Your Fairphone will be better at managing storage partitions in the background, making system updates better prepared for years to come.

cf. FP3 Software update: 8901-4.A.0021.0

Only one report of someone with a failed attempt, having tried the way without using TWRP.
Still as long as there’s no success story we have to assume that you’re right… :frowning:

Make this two reports :wink:

I’ve also tried “the long way round”: You can easily extract the boot image from the full zip and Magisk 26.1 will patch w/o errors - but after you replace the boot image on the device you end up in a boot loop. Fortunately flashing the original boot image will get you back on solid ground.

My current assumption is that the implementation of dynamic partitions on the FP3 prevents Magisk from correctly determining the partitions and/or mount points, same as it does prevent TWRP from determining them and, unless somebody much more knowledgable than me fixes the partition determination logic in Magisk/TWRP that is not going to change.

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Have you tried to fastboot boot that patched boot.img and install Magisk from within the app? :thinking:

If you did, does Magisk throw any errors during installation?

After “fastboot boot Magisk_patched-*.img” all I get is a reboot to the boot.img on the device.

Therefore I cannot install Magisk from within Magisk - I’m not getting that far.


@yvmuell Thanks a lot for that hint! Works like a charm & I’m finally an (almost) happy camper again :wink:

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