Unlock pattern won’t work

I have just set up my new FP2 and carefully noted the unlock pattern.
But when I enter it now the phone says ‘wrong pattern’.
I know the pattern is correct, but now I am locked out of my phone within 10 minutes of having it.
I’ve looked at other similar topics in the forum but can’t apply any of the proposed solutions.
Is this fixable, does anyone know how I can unlock it please?

Did you set it up so you see the path of your entered pattern? If so does it match the real pattern or is a dot missing? It might be the touchscreen has a faulty area and doesn’t recognize touches there.
Since you say you have your phone for 10 minutes I assume you don’t have a lot of data on it yet that you’d miss if you loose it. So your could go to #dic:recoverymode and perform a #dic:hardreset.
After that go to settings -> maintenance -> checkup -> free drawing and see if your touchscreen is working correctly in all areas.

This is sorted now - can close the topic


Glad to hear it. Could you just share how you fixed it in case someone else with the same issue finds this topic in the future?


I’m enormously embarrassed. After huge amounts of time tapping the dots I realised I had to slide my finger between them. Duh!

Maybe it’s worth pointing this out for the technically challenged, but please don’t publish my stupidity!

Sorry again :slight_smile: