Unlock FP4 without pressing fingerprint reader first?

Is it possible to change the behaviour of the fingerprint reader to unlock the phone without first having to press it? I’m so used to just tapping the fingerprint reader on my last phone

Thank you


Hello and welcome. Yes, it is. Go to Settings → Security and check the option Fingerprint Unlock Behavior. (The name’s weird, but it does what you want.)


Yes, with the newest software it is:


Unless I’m doing something wrong I don’t appear to have that option and according to my phone I have the latest update available :thinking:

Edit* just checked and my build number is FP4.FP3N.A.091.20211118 so not the same as what is mentioned in the comment above so perhaps it’s not disseminated fully yet :thinking:


Your phone is still on the November update, not December when the feature was added.
Perhaps your telephone carrier didn’t allow the update yet? I believe in these case you take out the SIM card and check if there’s an update available.


Nope didn’t work I’m afraid :man_shrugging:

Not to worry just knowing that it will come in time is enough to stave off temporary insanity :joy:


I’ve just made the change on my phone after reading this thread, and it is working.
From a sleep state, I can now put my finger on the fingerprint scanner to wake the phone and log in. Don’t even need to push the button any more!

I think the name of the option could do with changing to “Enable Fingerprint Touch Unlock”. I think the name “Finger Unlock Behaviour” only makes sense if it gave you a drop-down list of different behaviours to use.


Nice, thanks! That fixed it for me! The label is really strange, and it isn’t even translated to my language on my phone.

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