UK Customs problems getting phone returned from warranty repair

A few weeks ago my phone was successfully sent from the UK to Cordon Electrics to be repaired under warranty… sent by UPS using the details raised by FP.

Cordon have since completed the repair and sent the item back to me again using UPS… but my phone has been stuck in UK customs clearance for around 10 days as they don’t have the right paperwork… It looks like, at the moment, that my only option is to accept this as a standard import and have to pay import taxes… BUT if I can show that it was exported for a warranty repair then I’ll be exempt… only problem is that UPS don’t seem to be accepting anything I’m sending them as proof, stating that "If Fairphone exported the goods for repair you may ask them if they exported it as outward processing custom procedure code. "

Has anyone else had this issue in the UK getting their phone back like this and how did they solve it? (I’ve contacted Fairphone support but getting no reply from them at the moment)

Not much help but the use of the word ‘export’ is used

  • When you sent it for repair
  • UPS use the word to either say a) “if Fairphone exported the goods for repair”
    Whereas Fairphone would first import it for a repair and then export back to you.

I suppose using such terms are a problem as ‘export’ implies a financial exchange, where there is none.

Effectively neither you nor Fairphone were exporting, just sending an item.

It does seem a right mess, probably down to Brexit :frowning:

Doesn’t help, still can’t keep it to myself:
F****g Brexit!


So, UPS got the item from the UK to France, and they got the item back from France to the UK? And they now want to know which paperwork was involved? They seem to be in the pole position to know this.

If in doubt, UPS don’t need Brexit for any desired amount of mischief and mayhem :wink: .


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