Time and notifications icons not visible - long carrier name in status bar

Hello all,

In my new FP4 on the top left of the screen I see a long provider name (“Vodafone NL - voda NL”)
The result is the time is not visible and i can’t see the notifications of Whatsapp and other apps. This is due to the selfie camera in the middle.

Does anyone know a workaround?



Welcome to the Fairphone community.

In Android 10, you could find Settings->Display->Advanced->Network name. You can check, whether it is the same in Android 11.


Hi @Fons65. Let us know if you get that issue sorted out and what you had to do.

Also, a whole bunch of us are going to be wondering when you ordered your FP4, and when you had it delivered! (because we’re still waiting for ours… )



… and where you bought it (real stores seem to have gotten supply earlier).


Hi and welcome to the forum and congratulations on being the first person to post they have a Fairphone you ordered.

As @Incanus alluded to, check the settings, with a long Network name it tends to cover the time.

And as @Phragmites indicates I imagine their will many wondering how you got anFP4 :slight_smile:

All the best.

Hi all,

  • No option to “undisplay” network name in settings/display/advanced. So the problem still exists. Nevertheless I am very happy with the phone … :grinning: … Android version 11 according to the phone info indeed.
  • I ordered my FP4 during the presentation on sept 30th using the webshop on fairphone.com. I was refreshing the webshop and approx halfway the presentation the FP4 appeared in the webshop.
  • Just received it yesterday so maybe you guys will receive it also soon. In fact one of you may be smarter then me and find a solution. Let me know then!



Have a look under Wireless and Networks

There are a number of related posts on the www but I’ve found nothing definitive so far.

You may like to ask @Stanzi if it is possible as theyare the only other forum member that has reported having an FP4

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Does your problem persist?

That’s weird. I wonder why / how it got removed? Or maybe it got moved under Network instead of Display.

Welcome to the forum by the way, JuneGill. Let us know how you get on with the FP4, we’re all eager for news! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget specific settings can be found through Settings’ search function, usually with a magnifying glass icon near the top. I’d also search for terms like “hide”, “network”, “network name”, “carrier”, “operator” etc.


@JuneGill : problem still persist
@urs_lesse : thanks for the tip but searching did not deliver an option to hide network name

Strange thing is I took a screenshot to show you whats happening. But the screenshot shows the part “behind” the selfie cam wich is not visible on the screen … :thinking: … I´ll try a second phone to make an oldfashion screenshot to show you whats happening.


In the foto you can see whats happening.

So this on the locked as well as unlocked Display? Not sure that can be changed for the locked Display (here you can see the clock quite big in the middle of the screen)…for the unlocked screen in the settings you can search for status and there might be an option ( per default enabled on the FP 2 with LOs 18.1/Android 11) called something like " turn off/disable symbols in the status bar". If this is not ticked, can you tick?

Edit: also under status bar you can change the clock position.

Is it possible to hide it this way? You will lose a bit of screen real estate, but at least text won’t be cut off.

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I believe Fons65 simply wants to get rid of the network provider name

Yes, I realize that. It would be interesting to see if this is possible though.

@yvmuell Its both, in lockscreen and normal screen. Your tip : The status search in settings led to “Stille meldingen bovenaan verbergen…” but it did not change anything
@anon93683458 I see the provider name hopping around some pixels up, down, left or right when i try the options. No option available that makes the time and notifications visible sadly

According to this review, you are not the only one who has this problem :

If this is confirmed, it is really problematic!


Not nitpicking at all. Notifications are important, whereas we usually know the carrier’s name except when roaming, and you can find it in Settings anyway. It’s hardly what I’d call essential info.

FP should patch this PDQ.