Time and notifications icons not visible - long carrier name in status bar

My son played a trick on me … he took my phone and said “I know how to solve this”. He swiped sometimes and gave the phone back to me …
To my surprise I saw the time and two beautifull notifications indicating i had email and a whatsapp.
The provider name dissapeared …

But then i understood what he did … because in the right side i saw the airplane icon … He just turned the phone into airplane mode :grinning:

All jokes aside … I am happy with this beautifull Fairphone … I know it is produced fair and thats important to me.
So I’ll live with the fact that I’ll have to use a workaround to see notifications and time for know … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Hello @Fons65 what if you try to choose the smallest possible font setup for the size of the display and/or applications?
Hopefully you can read text if it is that small. I have a FP3 and my network company is Telekom. Greets Harald.

I have the same issue. I found an app that can hide it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tombayley.statusbar Maybe that can help you?

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Very interesting to see that FP still has problems with provider names even in their newest product.

The FP3(+) is able to hide the provider name, but it introduced a visual bug. In the beginning the clock was too close to the provider name, then they added a gap. When switching off the provider name, the gap is still there and wasting space (and looking odd).

This bug was confirmed by the support team at 3. January 2021 and mentioned to be fixed soon. But it is still not fixed more than 11 months later.

So I guess we all have to deal with the visual inadequacies in the status bar, regardless if we own the FP3 or FP4 :wink:

Fairphone’s reaction is probably to install a 3rd party app to fix the issue. Just like with many other issues I contacted support about.

Such as the one suggested by Sara_H : com.tombayley.statusbar
[Edit: They’re unlikely to recommend a third-party app that requires ADB even as a workaround?]

But adding apps to correct OS bugs is not acceptable except as a temporary workaround. If it were, people who have ordered the 6 GB version of FP4 have made a mistake …

I’m hoping there won’t be a mess when A11 for FP3 comes through …


@Sara_H Thanks for the tip on this app. Looks like you can use this app to modify the upper bar. But it says I’ll have to enable “ADB” using a computer before the app can hide the provider name. I am a bit unsure if this will make the phone less stable or vulnarable for malware etc? Whats your opinion on that? Is it safe to do? These days I use the phone for all sensitive things like banking and identifying. Can I disable ADB after adjusting the top bar?


Yeah, if this is the quality control to expect, especially after the FP3 update, then I’m out. I really support their project. But technology should make life easier, not harder. And these are issues anyone spots in the first 3 seconds using the phone.


You are on the latest OS version? With that I mean, check for system updates. If there are none, then I know enough. Since FP send an urgent message to upgrade the phone as soon as it arrives. Which for me seems to be a moving target anyway :slight_smile: At first it was 14 days ago, then it supposed to be today. Now it’s halfway December.

This is not the place to start your general complains again, this does not add any value or help for this issue.


Yes. I sometimes wonder whether we don’t spend too much time getting it to work - or else we put everything in the laps of GAFAM and hope (vainly, I fear) that they won’t exploit their position.

Well that depends on the length of the string. My operator’s name is only 4 characters so I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

ADB is used to Access your phone from a Computer. To use it you would need to „install“ it on your Computer and enable USB Debugging in the Developer Settings of your FP4. You could always disable afterwards and I dont think adb itself is a Security issue. To do what the App needs to do it requires a lot permissions to manipulate System/Settings. I dont have the FP4 yet and the Fp2 does not have this issue (with Lineage OS) so dont know how annoying it will be, but would most likely not use this App as it will have too many permissions in my eyes.

EDIT: I would def tell support that you dislike this, to make them again aware.


I know the App ist very invasive in it’s permissions. That is why I didn’t use it in the end. However you don’t need ADB for it to work. There is two different options and if you click on “custom” it will work without ADB. For some you need to pay for premium though…
Maybe there are other apps out there that are not as invasive.
Writing support is a good idea, I’ll also do that as it’s quite annoying to not be able to see your notifications.


There shouldn’t be an operator string at all. Why do you need to be reminded about your operator all the time? And why would this be a good solution to do so without the option to disable it? This is a custom addition they made, probably inspired by Apple.

I know complaining isn’t healthy for the community. But this is really not OK. If the community doesn’t raise their voice we’ll be stuck with these design choices.


Yes, this is a deliberate change for the worse.
But complaining here does nothing, you need to contact support. :wink:


The point is not, not to complain. in my eyes the point is how to do it. It can be constructive like done here e.g. by OldRoutard. On the other hand complaints that are just quite „aggresive“ and generalised, appearing over and over again, are in my eyes not helpful at all. So its quality vs. Quantity. I‘m really wondering again why you ordered a FP4, I really doubt that the device and company can ever make you happy.


@Sara_H That was a great tip! I used the ”custom" or Dutch “aangepast” option in the app you named and it looks great. It works great now! And there was no need for ADB now.

Thanks for all your support guys!



Hello Community,
this is my first post. Therefore, a happy hello to the round. Here’s to a good cooperation.

Since a few days I have my Fairphone 4 in my hands. My very first Fairphone.

I have immediately to concerns regarding the network provider in the status bar:

The provider name takes up all the space on the left side next to the notch. The FP4 recently has a notch in the middle.

You can only read the name, nothing else. No important info, only the unimportant provider display.
I think it’s enough if you can read the name when you drag the status bar down.

I do not have to read that I am with vodaphone. I know that as well. :wink:

Can this be hidden in the future?
It is unnecessary and only takes up space, which is now less anyway.


Statusbar. Notch can not be screenshoted…

This is my first post, so sorry, I can only put one inline screenshot. I would give you the opened statusbar infos, but not permitted.


Hello and welcome to the Community :slight_smile: I have allowed myself to move your post into this topic as it deals with the same problem that you are describing. Feel free to join or follow the discussion here.


Oh, i see, i am not the first and only…
But such a third APP is not an Option for me.
So i have to wait and hope for an official fix