The FP2 is seriously underrated

I’m fortunate to be living in Europe currently. The FP2 is an amazing phone. I am coming from a Note 4 and a Google Pixel. I thought the 2014 chipset was really going to be hard to adjust to, but I am VERY happy with the snappiness of the phone.

The comfort and assurance of longevity thanks to modular design and the continued support of the company is a breath of fresh air in today’s technological climate.

I will not be in Europe forever and will be going back to the states. If there was any talk of a world wide radio upgrade in the works, that would be fantastic. As the radio is part of the 801 chipset I don’t see this happening without a whole new mainboard, but I would buy it in in a heartbeat should it become available. Heck I’d buy an FP2 for each of my family members if this was the case.

Thanks to the Fairphone team for all the hardwork and I’m really happy to be along for the ride now.

All much respect to you for making the Fairphone Open OS available to us. As someone who is a huge supporter of Purism, it’s nice to see you guys have been shooting in that direction for quite some time!

I’ve told friends back home to just live with 4g and 3g and get the phone anyway. :+1:


You really should keep an eye on this project:

And maybe get in touch with @Leo_TheCrafter, as this might be a market for his development and a useful addition to the Fairphone-concept.
The legal stuff has to be sorted out of course, if this really becomes a business and not just some stuff for friends.


I’m drooling. I would be all over that! Need to see how drivers and kernel updates would work.
Thanks for the link!


I fully agree to your headline.

In the last few years this forum and community has grown quite large. Feel free to read through some of the topics, some may be very entertaining, but most of them are truly informative and helpful.
Welcome to our community and enjoy our community and YOUR phone - yours to open - yours to keep. :grinning:
By chance you might want to go there too.


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