Let's have some #fun!

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Today @urs_lesse introduced the #fun tag and I like the idea. I think it’s important not to always be serious and fool around once in a while and I like the idea of highlighting such topics. I already tagged a few topics that I remembered having fun with.
What topics do you remember where you laughed out loud while reading/writing and that deserve the #fun tag?


It´s like having a déjà vu to me a few days back…I somehow too started to miss the fun part here within time…:joy:


Will shovels be involved?


Folks, I hate to tell you, but none of the local shops had fairtrade shovels :frowning:


So it went all wrong and you did not complete. Someone has to do the beginning. Go and finish your purchase. Hopefully the local trader treats you fair as a customer, so you do will receive those shovels being fair trade. And then it´s up to you, got it, eh? :handshake:

By the way, shovels are blunt - and I still can remember that my head doesn´t like blunt items…:exploding_head:


Too much, I just couldn’t hold back :joy: New FP2 camera takes blue photos


Cat lovers trying to reach perfection…they just can’t get enough - how funny is this :grinning:


but dog lovers may not be disappointed - there is also digital fun for them here

https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/sledDogsSoundscapeGenerator.php :grin:


You obviously are talking of purrfection. :wink:
(see the settings on the page)


Oh, yes of course - how could I…looks like I need some proper training so I know what I am actually talking about :grinning:


No no, you just need one (or more) cats.
(If thinking catwise doesn’t come naturally afterwards, they will at least train you right away from day (second) one.) :grin:


Source: Welt.de: Riesiger Kreideabbruch an Rügens Küste (2011)



Interesting point of view… :sweat_smile:


Don´t get things mixed up here.
That´s the way you should not use your Fairphone (or any other mobile).

Now I know what for some need stronger Gorilla Glass :grin:

Therefore also pro tennis players always keep a selfie-stick in their tennis bag just in case. :sweat_smile:
Hopefully golfers or hockey players won´t copy this…:thinking:


It´s the reading that makes the difference :grinning:

Even more entertaining reading in this topic…

My peak moment of holding back laughter:

Quite amusing to me. :rofl:


Wer hoch hinaus will…



@Patrick1 I read the topic and… well…

Didn’t know this is possible…


I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one who keeps thinking that in this photo, Miquel looks like the ultimate badass drug dealer selling dope in soft ice-cream to the kids … or am I? :smiley:


Different forum, but I think we can appreciate the humor:

[*] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiophone


Maybe someone who is good in doing so feels like writing a short Wiki about our fPhone to complete the relation. :wink:


Paula you have a good idea of lightening the mood using the hashtag #fun :wink: