The forum: How are we doing?

The forum is discourse, not disqus, but yeah, it would be nice if each blog post was linked to a forum topic so discussions would take place here rather than on the disqus platform.

ahh - discourse - my bad!

Good one. We tried integrating Discourse (this platform) with our blog comments, but we felt there was too much of a threshold to become a member before you could comment.

In a way, that’s good, it forces people to sign up to the forum.

But from the first week we tried it, we saw that it greatly decreased the number of comments we were getting through the blog using Disqus. So we kept it as it currently stands with 2 different platforms.

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Totally understand that, personally I would rather refrain from commenting than take up the hassle of registering to another thing when I only want to share my thoughts this one time.

I wonder, is there a Guest option for the Discourse platform? Like whether you could enable Guest posts on blog comments, but not on other parts of the forum.

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Doesn’t disqus require registration as well?

You can choose on disqus if you require users to log in (via a disqus account, google, twitter, facebook…) or if you allow guest posts. The latter is done at the Fairphone blog. I usually use this option.

In my opinion the forum is going really well. Having such a vibrant community that helps each other out is just a perfect example of what I imagined as being part of the ‘Fairphone-family’ meant.

I’ve read all replies in this post and I think a lot of them are very interesting. For example: I completely agree with the fact that this forum is much more appealing and attractive as the previous one. It’s fun for me to browse topics and try and help people out, as well as read some replies you guys give.

What was mentioned here as well was the fact that getting used to the forum can be quite a hassle in the beginning. Therefore, and I’m not trying to “promote” myself or anything, but I wrote a small guide regarding the basic features of this forum. Feedback is appreciated and you can also ask me to add or clarify certain parts.

As for moderating the forum, and here I speak for myself (Not really sure what @Chris_R’s opinion on this is) but it’s sometimes quite a struggle to merge/move/rename … topics. Basically when someone makes a similar topic but the problem isn’t the exact same and/or there are some differences, I leave the separate topics as they are. Same goes for renaming: maybe the title isn’t 100 % ‘useful’ for example for other people to find this topic but yet it describes the problem at its best, then I will not change it.

Lastly, if you see a topic where you think “This needs to be checked out”, whether it’s about the title or going off topic or anything else, you can always PM one of the community moderators. At this time that is @chris_r and myself. Another thing (that I just did) is you can “summon” us by typing ‘@’ and then our user name.


I agree with you @robin, sometimes merging or moving just seems wrong so better left as is :smile:

I don’t think that you can do anything about this but it bothers me that every post is saved in history. I don’t know if the site is actually reloaded but when I scroll slowly through a thread the address bar changes at every post. I guess this is supposed to be a feature but I don’t like it especially when I’m searching in my history for a thread I’ve recently read. Anyway I guess this is the forum software and not your problem.

Other than that this board is pretty cool! :smile:

These are anchors. Each reply has it’s own ‘location’ on a page so you can refer to them specifically in other posts. :slight_smile:

I can see the advantage over the old forum but not over other forum software. But that’s okay. Was only confusing for me to find a specific thread. :smile:

Anyway I also see in nethogs (Windows users can do it with NetLimiter) that every thread that I open in a tab in Firefox is using some bandwidth for update purposes - about 10 kB per minute. That doesn’t seem much but for hundreds of users having maybe some tabs open this seems … inefficient. But I’m sure the forum devs have thought something about it.
A quick calculation for an average thread: 600 kB - that will be used up in an hour. One post per hour seems sane but still the average user will hit the reload button every so often.
Again this seems nothing you can change so I’ll just go with the flow. :smiley:

P.S.: Alright you’re hosted on Greenhost. :green_heart:

Hey everyone,
while Discourse seems actually very solid, I just ran into a possible bug.

I just commented on a comment which commented on one of my comments… and so on. (You know how it is, don’t you?) Now, it looks as if I commented on my own comment, saying “humorkritik said:” on top of my post. However, I clearly marked text from @kgha and hit “Quote reply”. Maybe that happened because I edited my post?

Can someone look into this (low priority, but still…)

Thank you, humorkritik, you just taught me how to insert quotes! :slight_smile: NOT obvious - many fora has a ‘reply’ and a ‘quote reply’ button and I have wondered a lot about quotes, seeing that others master it.

I’m also learning, as you can see here. Which shows something else which is probably a bug: links back to two older topics, not just one, and the second one has actually not much to do with the first one…

What’s happening?

Report this on the Discourse bug tracking site. There aren’t any Discourse developers active here and FairPhone is just using the software out of the box.

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That would be… there?

Did anybody notice something alike here on the FP Discourse forum?

[Edith says I should mention that my first try to write on the forum using the stock browser also did not work, at all. Anyone else seeing this? Or is it just me?]

I use Opera instead of the stock browser, and it works fairly well but the forum design feels a bit clumsy when you post/reply… sometimes difficult the text book are obscured by other parts of the site (or your keyboard) and so on. No problems on a PC, but since it’s a forum for mobile phon users it would be great if we could have a dedicated mobile version, with all functions kept but with a ‘cleaner’ layout.

Which Opera browser are you using (Opera or Opera Mini)? Cause when I try to go to the forum on Opera I get the message that my browser is too old to work on the discourse forum. However the browser is up to date, I can’t see any missed updates on the Play Store. Forum works on the stock browser.

Could you check in the stock browser as well?
To specify my problem, when I try to write in the compose field in the stock browser, some two or three characters appear, afterwards: nothing. If I try to tab the box to reactivate it, I can see that I can scroll the page behind the box. Happens whatever keyboard I choose.

(I’m going to have a look at Firefox later, and maybe also Opera, now that you mentioned it.)

I use Opera 22.0
Ive used Opera Mini earlier (when on a more limited data plan) since Opera’s data-saving rendering kept traffic down. However, this function (also part of Opera where it’s called ‘Off-Road’) creates difficulties with many websites, including the FP forum (giving you the message you mention). Turn the ‘Off-Road’ option off and all is well.
My operator has increased my data traffic amount from 0.5 to 1 and now 2GB/month so I rreally don’t need to bother any more.