GravityBox "Premium unlocker" not restored after backup?

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Hey, everyone:
can someone who actually is sure to have paid for the GravityBox unlocker via the PlayStore (not via paypal) can confirm if Ultimate notification control is still available in the GB main menu?

Can you furthermore look at your PlayStore “My apps” list and see if the “Unlocker” is listed there?

I vaguely remember paying these 2.90€, not only to be able to change colour of the LED, but also because I really like GB and wanted to support it. While the settings (i.e., different colours for different notification events) survived the update to Cherry, and the re-partitioning, followed by a restore from backup, the Ultimate notification control is unavailable in my case. And the “Unlocker” is not listed. And I usually delete all the mails from my gmail account, regularly - so no purchase notification available, also.

I did hard-reset my FP today, restored all apps from the standard “Backup and Restore” app, and re-activated the XPosed framework and GravityBox. Needless to say I lost all my settings. Highly annoying.

Yet, this explains a thing (but not two): the Ultimaten notification control is now available for 19 reboots. I can access the notification settings and led control for any app now. Explains how I changed the colours in the first place. Does not explain why the colour changes I do now are not set in practice.

So, quite probably I was mistaken, and did not pay 2.90€ in the first place. (I will, in the near future. I like the feature, and want to support the development of GravityBox.) A slight doubt stays, since I experience some strange effects of the wipe-and-restore stuff.

I did the paypal version and you do have to restore the access after a hard reset to then restore your settings back. But it does work for me. I just have to find the email with the paypal transaction ID every time (which is never easy!!)

If you did it through the play store, you should be able to redownload it right? As it should work like any other paid for app.

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@Chris_R, the PlayStore is quite… unreliable after the update/repartitioning/restoring problems I’m experiencing right now.

It’s definitely not there.

As are some other apps I payed for.

Which, however, turn out to be updateable after restoring them from Titanium Backup.
This is so friggin’ confusing. I already spent far to much time with this. :frowning:

Additionally, I always delete all mails in my gmail account. So, no purchase ticket there.

I just realised that I did not write any follow-up to this issue. So, just for the record: I made up my mind and assume now that I never purchased the unlocker, but used the premium features of GB (which are provided for 20 bootcycles for free to test) to set up my device.