Basic features of the Fairphone forum

As it occurred to me that there were users experiencing difficulties with finding certain features of this forum, I’ve created a small tutorial. This does not include all features and abilities you have on this forum, but explains a great number of different buttons and profile settings/preferences. Feel free to ask for a more detailed explanation of any feature and you may also leave suggestions for updating this guide.

Forum Home Page

The image below is the first page you'll see when you've navigated to the forum.

  1. Here you can choose from which category you want so see the topics, or you can select all categories (selected by default)
  1. Latest, New and Unread give you the ability to see the newest posts, or posts you haven’t read for example. Starred posts displays all the posts you have starred: you can star interesting or useful posts, whichever you like. Categories lets you browse through the different categories.
  1. These buttons will help you navigate through the forum and its settings. See Navigating the forum below.
  1. By pressing this you can create your own topic. Only do so if you have a question that isn’t being discussed on the forum already. Use the magnifying glass to search for topics. (See Navigating the forum below).

Navigating the forum

Top right buttons

One of the things you’ll notice is this set of options in the top right corner, it basically is your “guide” throughout the forum.

  1. Admin: Settings for admins and moderators.
  1. Notifications of name mentions, replies, private messages etc.
  1. Search: Gives you the ability to search for topics, posts, users etc.
  1. Hamburger icon: Navigate to other categories and/or posts as well as other features.
  1. Avatar: Clicking this will give you your personal settings.


This displays your notifications. You’ll receive notifications when people respond to your topic, replied to a post of you on a topic and private messages. Name-mentions and awarded badges will be displayed here as well.


In the searchbar you can search the forum for users, posts, topics, categories. Just type in some words and any relevant matches will show up.

Hamburger Button

This button (with a rather funny name, because it looks a bit like a hamburger) will give you a few different options.

  1. Admin: Settings for admins/mods.
  1. Flags: Display flagged posts. (Only for admins/moderators)
  1. Latest: See the latest topics.
  1. Badges: List of badges you can earn and/or have earned. These will appear on your profile.
  1. Keyboard shortcuts: Don’t like using your mouse? Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use.
  1. FAQ: a.k.a the Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. About: Here you can read more about the Fairphone forum, alongside stats and a list of people who moderate the forum.
  1. Categories: Quickly pick a category to explore.


This button will opens some more options. These are mainly to configure and manage your personal account.

  1. Profile: Go to your own profile.
  1. EDIT: This option has been removed. Admin: Options for admins and moderators.
  1. Messages: Read, send and recieve private messages. This button will take you to the messages page.
  1. Bookmarks: Get a list of topics you have bookmarked.
  1. Preferences: Change your preferences. (see below).
  1. Log out: Disconnect from the Fairphone forum.

Your Profile

When you've navigated to your profile, you'll see a similar image to the one below. This page has a lot of features and options.

<img src="/uploads/default/325/d94744a994a6d696.png" width=“690” height=“317”

  1. Topics, likes and badges: An overview of all the topics you’ve created, replied to, were mentioned in… Here you can also see who has liked your post or topic, see your own given likes and you can browse earned badges.
  1. Messages menu: Jump into your private messages.
  1. Basic info: This box will display your basic info. Your e-mail address wont be public.
  1. Flags: Get an overview of the flags you’ve casted. (Only for admins/moderators)
  1. About me: A little bit of information about yourself.
  1. Invites: Send e-mail invites for people to join this forum.
  1. Preferences: Change your preferences. (see below).
  1. Admin: Takes you to the - earlier mentioned - admin panel. (Only for admins/moderators)
  1. Log out: Disconnect from the Fairphone forum.
  1. Recent Activity: This feed displays your recent activity on the forum. It will show you the topics you’ve created or replied to as well as posts you’ve liked etc. in chronological order (latest to oldest).


In preferences you can change your forum preferences and edit your personal information.

  • You can change your Username, edit basic info (like e-mail address, location, web site …).
  • In the About Me category you can edit the information that is displayed on your profile (see above).
  • E-mail configuration is done here as well: you can pick how often and why you receive e-mails.
  • Under Other you can change forum-specific settings, for example choose what to do when clicking a link.
  • Lastly, Categories gives you the ability to watch, track and mute topics from specific categories.