👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members) - Offers and questions

It may be good to add this advice somewhere. As we’re volunteers, I never accept any money for the time I spend, I only ask what I paid for the spare parts I use to repair the phones.


Here’s another idea for what to do when you get money nevertheless. In short: Donate it.


That’s also what I do when people seeking help insist on paying something or feel better in case they can give back by paying. I ask them to donate themselves or I donate it.


Can you please send them to me?
I’ll need them in the format like e.g. Nomatim creates them e.g. for Plymouth centre (like seen in the bottom line of the following screenshot):N


https://coordinates-converter.com :wink: ?

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Not sure about this. I’m not in Plymouth but that’s where I’d likely meet people.

So any co-ordinates for Plymouth would do…

N 50.376289, W 4.143841.


I’ve used those now for the map.


Please correct the flag for Tipperary (UK → Ireland).


I’ve corrected it and Tipperary, Plymouth and Cannes are now visible on the Angels map. So “onboarding” has been finished. Welcome to all new Angels! :slight_smile:


BTW Just for curiousity’s sake, the state of things:
56 Angels, 42 Heavens, 11 countries. :slight_smile:


It’s a shame that the Forres haven closed. It would have been an interesting location for a future European Fairphoners’ Community Trip. A bit further afield than Amsterdam admittedly, but you can travel most of the way there from London via sleeper train or overnight coach.

Simply out of curiousity, is there any rule about having Angels outside of the region where Fairphone actually sells their phones (ie Europe)?

I’d love to volunteer to be an angel for the Ottawa Canada region (though I’m probably not active enough yet), since I have one of the first Fairphone 4 models in the country.


As the Fairphone Angels program is a completely community-driven project, I do not know of a geographical restriction. So feel free to apply as a Fairphone Angel even if you are from Canada.


Nope, none indeed :wink:

There’s no rule of being active enough or not :slight_smile:


Great you are volunteering! :+1:
And also great you already found Canada’s “home base” in this forum. :slight_smile:


Alright then, thanks for the answers!

I’d like to volunteer to be an Angel for the Ottawa Ontario, Canada region. Of course, since I’d be the only angel in Canada I’d be happy to try and help out people in other regions of Canada, and possibly the US as well (though I’m not traveling to BC to meet you in-person :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I suspect group-buys of parts could be quite convenient if people are interested, since shipping FP stuff to North America is a pain atm.


Thank you very much for volunteering as a new Angel in Canada!
I’ve just added you to the Angels group and sent you information how to proceed.
In case of any further questions please feel free to contact me or any Angel.

EDIT: Ottawa now visible on the Angels map. So “onboarding” has been finished. :slight_smile:


@NGnius You might want to consider creating an Ottawa topic in this forum (no obligation to do so). Basically it would just offer a landing place for other Fairphoners or people interested in Fairphone in your area. There are no rules what you need to write there, but if you need some inspiration, other local communities’ topics might be helpful. You can find a couple of these here (and this is where we would be glad to add a link to an Ottawa topic, too): addressbook.fairphone.community


That’s a good idea, thanks! Judging by the activity level in the Canada-wide topic, I’m not sure it’s exactly necessary right now. If I need to make any Ottawa-specific posts I definitely will, though.

Right now, I’m going to watch the US and Canada topics closely and figure out what people want/need and try to make it happen.


I’d like to become a Fairphone Angel in Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway. It’s right south of Stavanger.