The At a Glance widget shows only date and is randomly replaced by the Google search bar

I’m seeing the same issue. Before the upgrade to Android 12, the search bar was located at the bottom, after the upgrade, usually the search bar is located at the top, except when it randomly vanishes, and only reappears upon reboot. It’s quite annoying…

Some days I have a search bar at the top of the home screen, other days not. Running A12.
I can go to the search bar at the top of the news feed screen.

Any thoughts?

Moved your post here, please read above, its known and I guess needs some fix by FP with an upcoming update

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Found a solution that works for me (using the Lawnchair launcher version 2.0-2589):

  • On a launcher screen, touch and hold an empty space.
  • Tap the Widgets icon.
  • Scoll to the Calendar app.
  • Tap and hold the calendar planning widget. The widget appears on the launcher.
  • Tap and hold the widget to change the size of the widget.

Just for the record, I just updated to A12 (Orange France) and my search bar (previously DDG) is stuck saying “Initializing”. Not that it bothers me (I never ever use it), but there is definitely a bug there.
Which accounts probably for all the strange effects people experience. -shrug-

See my post in the A12 initial topic. For me the search bar disappeared in favour of the “At a Glance” but I would prefer neither. After this morning’s update to SP21.B.048, the search bar is back. Definitely buggy, as you say.

Edit (next day) - the At a Glance is back instead of the search bar. I’m drawing a veil over this …

Well, one day later it still says “Initializing…”. No trace of the “At a glance” feature. Oh well, since they are both kind of useless…


Is that an error or is it supposed to be that the search bar is now displayed there?
I have the Microsoft Launcher on it now, just to test it. It’s okay, but the typical A12 animations don’t work properly when you close an app or something. But at least I now have a weather app again :smiley:

If you were talking to me, in A12 the search bar is placed at the exact same spot the “At a Glance” widget used to be, but in their infinite wisdom the devs have chosen to not move the widget, so both apps fight for the space and kill each other if they can.

On my phone the “At a Glance” widget managed to definitely kill the search bar (which shows “Initializing” since the upgrade…), but it died doing so, so actually I have neither! Just an inert bar always saying “Initializing”… :roll_eyes:

Bug testing? We’ve heard of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi and welcome, moved your post here, please see above

Hi Y_L and thanks for your message. Reading above, and the title of this topic, you will see that you are seemingly the first to notice in what manner the search bar is replaced by At a Glance, well done!

I had the same issue with the At a glance widget.
Solved it by replacing the stock launcher with Nova Launcher, available in the Google Play Store.

Now the search bar stays on the bottom and date + weather on top.

I already have the premium version of Nova Launcher, since I bought it 2/3 years ago, well worth the investment.

The good thing of Nova Launcher is that is completely customizable, you can replace the lower search bar with the search engine that you like most.

Hope this helps.

FYI you can do this on the stock Fairphone launcher too, during first initialization, at least you were able to when I first got mine (November 22). You know, that European anti-monopoly law.

My own problem is I don’t use search - at all. Rarely on my laptop, and never ever on my phone. Is it possible to not have any search bar anywhere in Nova Launcher?

Yes, there’s an option to set the search bar to “None”.
Here’s a screenshot with the Italian language, where “Nessuno” = “None”.

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Nice,because I don’tuse the search bar at all. But first I have to find this option in my settings. Can’t find this screen anywere.I there a Engelish version available?

Settings for “Home”. The fastest way to get there is to long-click on your screen’s background.

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Yes although answered, that’s why I installed Nova Launcher on receipt of my FP3 more than 2 years ago. Now I feel bad that you had to wait this long to see how easy it is to get rid of it.


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Don’t worry. It is fixed now

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Maddening! Google search bar always loads top of home screen up on start-up, but usually disappears at some point later in the day. Restart restores it temporarily. Totally baffling…

Yes. this had already been noted, see post #30 above.

For those interested, the “Search bar / At a glance” conundrum has been simplified in the latest update. If you disable the Google app, then in place of the search bar you get the “At a glance” widget straight away (requires reboot).