Tethering connection not effective anymore when vpn connected when 2 sims are present

I got a work sim card and want to use that for tethering when travelling. I never used tethering before and have by default everything going over the other sim card.
To get it working in the first place, I had to reboot after configuring the work sim for data communication. Then when I enable usb tethering I can access webpages on the laptop. Then I tried to connect the work vpn and the connection seemed to still be there but did not work anymore: webpages didn’t load anymore (public and internal), teams and outlook lost connection etc. The moment I disconnect the vpn it works again.
When trying this on my private sim, it does work, when trying the work sim only in my fp3 it also works.
It feels like there is somewhere a setting misconfigured when both sims are in use, but I have no clue where.
If I switch both sims to the brand new samsung work provided I can use vpn over tethering over both sims.

Does anybody have any suggestion what I can still try to make this work on my fp3? I do not want to walk around with 2 phones or switch to the work phone.

Not sure which SIM you are refering to. But data can only be transferred over one SIM so if that is set then the other can work at the same tiem in the same phone.

yes, I manually switch the data setting to the work sim when I want to do tethering. But somehow there is a difference when the other sim is physically present in the phone.

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Does it change if the SIMs are swapped in the slots?

Tried that, didn’t seem to help. I must say, I did change a while ago my primary sim to the 2nd slot because I was missing calls while I was available.

And was it the same in terms of the same SIM had the same issue in the other slot, or the same slot had the same problem with the other SIM ?

The missed calls were with the private sim in slot 1, due to trying it is now back in that slot and the work sim in slot 2. The work sim had the vpn over tethering issues in both slots.
If I am not finding a true solution, my workaround will be to do my private dataconsumption over the work sim, to reserve space for the tethering on the private. Which will work as long as I do not need to much.

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