FP3 Lineageos 18 : no USB tethering nor file transfer

I have 2 useful features that don’t work on my FP3 :

  • USB tethering (but wifi tethering works)
  • USB file transfer (but PTP - picture transfer works)

It seems that it’s supposed to work (Official LineageOS 18.1 for Fairphone 3/Fairphone 3+ - #412 by TeamB58). Does anyone has a idea on how I could debug it and make it work on my FP3 ? I’m up-to-date with latest build from 05/23.
Tanks !

Did you try different cable and USB Ports? Did you check all Driver are up to date? Did it ever work or never and when did it stop to work?

Maybe some hints can be found here?

Or should your use Ubuntu (assume doesnt matter if FP3 or FP4)


Hi yvmuell, thanks for your answer.
I’ve just tested on another computer (on xubuntu), and all is working fine, so the problem was with my windows 10 computer.
I deleted the android usb driver, then reboot, and after that it’s all working well.
Thanks a lot !

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