Technologies for Fairphone 5

I guess, this question has not been answered so far. Those kind of adaptors/cables are already for sale. I guess, it would be too much to ask from fairphone to produce a larger variety of different cables.
Just search on your preferred market place for “usb c angled” and you will be presented with a lot of possibilities; even with magnetic solutions.


I tried to delay buying a smart phone for a long time. My Online-Banking won’t work without smart phone any longer. So I guess now the time has come…

My old school mobile phone works > 1 week without reloading. Now I am looking for a “smart” phone that I do not need to charge every day.

The ideal solution for me would be a smart phone with two screens / operation systems, so that I am able to use the “smart” features only when needed and otherwise use some “retro” option for phone calls and SMS, only. With an 6000 mAh battery I would expect it to last > 1 month.

Unfortunately, such a “dual-mode” phone does not seem to exist, yet? (There are a few ones with multiple screens, but no explicit energy saving mode related to that.)

Sustainability is important for me and that’s why I am interested in Fairphone, Shift and Rephone.
However, the small capacity of the current Fairphone battery does not really attract me.

Compared to my old school mobile phone, a larger screen would have the advantage, that the smart phone could be used as navigation system when traveling by bike. However, when traveling with my bike, I also do not want to recharge every 1…2 days.

=> I would love to see a plan for a next generation Fairphone, that has a larger battery capacity and improved options for energy saving, e.g. by including an alternative mini display.

  • The larges replaceable battery I could find so far has a capacity of 6000 mAh (as replacement for Lg 3 battery ).

  • The Gigaset GX6 has a 5000 mAh replaceable battery

  • The Rephone has a 4500 mAh replaceable battery .

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when you dont have many apps installed needing mobile data and you dont use your phone often it will last a few days I guess, all network activities can be disabled as long as not needed, so that you can still use it as a phone and nothing more. such a large battery would most likely make the phone extrem bulky and it is already too big for many user.

Btw welcome and I moved your question to an existing topic collecting wishes for future Fairphones


Thank you for moving my suggestion to the right place.


LG InnoTech just started offering standardized camera modules including some with variable telephoto zoom (yes like in the Sony Xperia 1 IV).

I’d love to see Fairphone work with suppliers & fellow ultrarepairable phone brands to standardize more component modules & internal connectors specifications.

Like, what if the all the parts except the motherboard and chassis were interchangeable and upgradable between several models or even a few brands of phones?


After Apple and Google, Oppo has just announced the development of their own processor for their mobiles, so maybe the Fairphone 5 could be based on a fully open HW processor, like RISC-V.


IP68 in a phone which could be fully disassembled with one screw driver. Are you serious? This requirement is absolutely incompatible with fairphone.


From my own experience with the FP3, the battery lasts almost a week when turning off WLAN and bluetooth.
Playing games or reading news/books with lots of display useage drains the battery as well.

Just using it as a phone on the other hand, results in battery life comparable to a so called “dumb-phone”.
Therefore a smartphone with just one screen and one OS might be enough, if you use it accordingly.
But using it for navigating on the bike will be a no-go if the battery shall last a week.
Maybe you could attach a (solar?) power-bank for that special use-case?

heh what kind of a use case is that… not using your sceen, disabling almost everything. you dont need a smartmofo for such a usecase ;p seriously. lasting with fancy gadgets by locking them up and away and never touching them, dunno whose usecase that might be. a museum maybe. cant be serious. battery lasting a week? on the FP3? no way. not even two days. no heavy user here. same goes with FP4. :confused:

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I want for the fairphone 5, that is has no ghost touches.

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Have you read the discussion I was referencing?

Therefore my explanation, that my FP3 lasts a week, if I use it like an old-school phone with “retro” options only.



I have been watching and waiting for ARCore support for several years, in my head, maybe I should say so on a forum too :slight_smile:

Would also prefer a SE sized phone, but for a dev AR support is the show stopper.


Please just a good and consumer friendly camera. It can also be a FP3 or a FP4 with a good functioning app/ software. I dont want 1000MP… Give me 5MP and good colors, sharp and fast. In different circumstances. So I have nice pictures of my daughter, at the moment and not 3 seconds later, unsharp and bad lighting/colors.

Maybe the FP5 could be canceled and they start with a Fair Camera, which also could be used to make calls and share data?


There are a lot of precedents that managed it. Like the Galaxy S7 (IP68, up to 1.5 m for 30 minutes) and S5 (IP67 up to 1m for 30 mins)
More examples: 300 phones with IP X7 or IP X8 rating Phone Finder results -


I don’t want a physical keyboard on my smartphone.

2 USB Type-C ports. This would allow me to easily connect my power bank and wired headphones simultaneously when moving, or my charger and portable monitor elsewhere.

I want the same green dotted back cover like FP4 has :smiling_face:

I think an USB C Y Adapter will do the trick on current devices.

I think a second port on coming devices wont disturb most users but in the very most cases it wouldn’t be used by the owners.

It won’t. Type-C ports are delicate for my use-cases. In the absence of USB standards-compliant locking pin threads, a 2nd port means less strain, cost, and bulk.

Actually, in that vein, a significantly more useful and less invasive modification would be inclusion of those small threads horizontally beside the USB-C port. I’ve already needed to replace my port due to damage.

The market for a cellular-connected smart camera is small, so it is not a viable endeavour for Fairphone. Additionally, such products already exist, albeit in a somewhat inferior form – My dream mirrorless camera runs on Android, so why isn't there a good one yet? | TechRadar