Technologies for Fairphone 5

I’d prefer some more normal colours, such as pure #ffffff.

You don’t get my post. It’s to rethink it from another perspective. We look at is like it’s a phone, that grew in to a smart device, with visual capabilities, and still is able to make calls…
Think about it, just look at innovation of the smart’phones’? The most innovation on the device itself, maybe even of the last decade, has it to do with the hearing /phonecall quality? Nope it’s mainly about the visual experience, better screens, more pixels and collors, and better camera’s, with more quality and functions. How often are we viewing online apps for news, shopping, advertising (what we used to call social media) or social interaction. How often do you make a phonecall, is that more or less compared to making videocalls, photo’s and video’s?

Due to the high recycled materials FP uses the color choices are a bit limited. But maybe they can be overcome in the next version.


Is any hardware truly necessary to support that? I see no reason why AR can’t be performed on the CPU unless Google deliberately prevents execution of it on anything except a dedicated processor.

For people such as myself, I’ve no interest in hoe recyclable the phone’s components are if it prevents me acquiring what I want. I believe that most are similar – they are glad to hear of recyclability where it is unnoticeably feasible, but not otherwise.

In that vein, I would be glad if multiple colours were sold, of which solely the colours possible to create from recyclable material were from recycled material.

Call quality has innovated as much as all else.

For instance:

  1. 5G provides decreased latency and increased stability, whereas 4G provides this in a reduced manner to an extraordinary amount of people.
  2. Wi-Fi Calling via Wi-Fi 7 allows traditional cell calls to occur via Wi-Fi, providing the aforestated benefits without expensive infrastructure.
  3. Satellite communication allows basic SOS capability anywhere in the world.
  4. RCS replaces SMS and MMS, whereas iMessage supplements it, providing standard messenger-like capabilities.
  5. Noise cancellation for background noise in calls is supported by most mobile OSes, especially Android and iOS and their 1st-party calling software.
  6. Integration of SMS/MMS/RCS into software such as Facebook Messenger provides all of the benefits of regular messengers except deleting messages, to an extent even greater than iMessage does, and Matrix bridges allow someone to communicate to literally anyone else via this method.

…and yet you’ve the gall to state that smartphone engineers and software developers haven’t recently improved calling capability whatsoever?

That’s exactly what FP is doing. But because they use a high percentage of recycled materials, the color options are limited. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.


Installation of a secondary OS onto the Fairphone is technically possible, but due to the complex and strictly hierarchical nature of the filesystem of an Android-compatible hardware bootloader, it is difficult when no software developers are actively supporting it.

Unfortunately, until at least postmarketOS provides support (at which point you shall be able to remove all unnecessary packages to provide you with what you desire – an incredibly basic 2ndary OS) this is infeasible.

Despite that, I implore you to purchase a FP4. Due to the ease of replacing its battery, having one charging in a bag to swap out when the other eventually dies isn’t an implausible idea. Additionally, as the original responder stated, most of the functionality of the smartphone is able to be disabled: investigate somewhat, and you’ll realize that many system applications are able to be disabled and uninstalled.

I overcome the charging problem by keeping a 26800mAh battery pack in one of my cargo trousers’ pockets and keep my smartphone plugged into that whenever I’m not holding/using it. This allows me to use my smartphone for days heavily – the opposite use-case to yours, so I see no reason why that wouldn’t allow you to use yours for a week or so.

(However, note to anyone except the intended recipient reading this – don’t do this. I solely suggest this in this context because they specifically want a phone for calls, SMS/MMS/RCS and browsing the internet.)

Where did your read this? “and yet you’ve the gall to state that smartphone engineers and software developers haven’t recently improved calling capability whatsoever?”
Maybe my poor English is the problem, tried a bit more text to clearway.

Otherwise, if your not capable or willing to view it from an other perspective, than that’s not my problem.

What do you want citations for? I’m certainly able to provide them for everything, but it’s even more of a burden than that original response was, so please specify.

Your command of English is perfectly adequate. Do not worry.

I believe that I have attempted more than you have to evaluate perspectives, but dissimilarly to you, I have provided my rationale. I implore you to do the same. Additionally, I have insinuated from the apparently negative phrasal of your response that you have misinterpreted the reason for the provision of that evidence to the contrary: I am merely providing advice and useful information to you so that you might be more informed than you alternatively would be. It is certainly not somehow malicious.

No, that’s fine. No worries. Reckon that we might see more colours at some point, then? I’m no logistical expert, but surely all that they need to do is source and dye some plastic.

Unfortunately, 3rd-party support for accessories for the Fairphone 4 remains small despite its impressive friendliness toward manufacturers of such things, so 1st-party support is all that I am able to conceive.

My understanding is its probably a Google certification thing… certain hardware/SoC capabilities are needed but the basic level of AR functionality (no Depth sensing with Lidar) is not particularly demanding.

One of the rules for Google certification is:
‘The device originally shipped with the Google Play Store’ ( this link to displays oddly once published but seems to work: 支持 ARCore 的设备  |  Google Developers)

Not sure if current/would Fairphone do this?

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They’ve at least met the sole quoted requirement.

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The only reasons I haven’t switched to Fairphone yet is because I’ve had Always On Display feature for years and am not ready to part with it. I know it’s a bit selfish but there’s that, please add that feature and I’m on board!


I think there is still an option in the developer settings, where you can activate “Display always on, when loading”. Meaning when the phone is connected to a power supply.
At least I have this option on /e/ Murena.

Does this help?

Doesn’t seem to be available in Developer options on FP4 running stock Android 12.

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That is not the same.
A slightly illuminated clock on the OLED display at night is really nice compared to the completely background illuminated LCD what turns your bedroom into a hell of disturbing light.


That’s correct.
I think I just didn´t see this info above.

So, I thought he meant the full screen always on.

Either make a real rugged case, or work with another rugged case vendor (Otterbox, Supcase, etc.) to ensure a rugged case option for the Fairphone. Having a phone that is repairable is great. But trying to prevent the need to do repairs is even better.

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Please add official support/sales for customers outside Europe and include more cellular bands so the phone can officially work in more regions of the world.