Sudden charging impairment, Fairphone 3

Phone suddenly won’t charge reliably. Currently charging it (slowly) from my laptop through a fast cable. Yesterday it wouldn’t recognise my Fairphone charger via the same cable or a cheaper, long (slow) cable - but I did charge it though the slow cable from an old, cheap charger. Today that won’t work - it doesn’t seem to notice either charger through either cable. It still wakes up when plugged into my laptop, through either cable - though charges so slowly through the cheap cable that it’s pointless; this current charge looks like ot will take 6 hrs (though the message on the phone’s wake-up screen said 22 hrs; wrong!)

I tried blowing into the socket in case of dust. And rebooting.

Hardware problem? New part required?

Maybe the bottom module is broken. Maybe an angel next to you has a FP3 to change parts and test it.

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Good thought about swapping parts - thanks. (I’m North London). Bottom modules are still available, and cheap. However is it possible for it to be a power supply/management issue further into the device? I.e. does the bottom module hook straight to those parts needing power (screen, motherboard) or is there some other power supply unit in between?

I think there’s no power supply unit in between and the bottom module hooks straight to the core model (motherboard). But I’m not absolutely sure regarding that!
What I rather wanted to mention/ask:
Did you already try to clean the bottom module (usb port) with a needle? What you’re writing still sounds to me like some dirt in that port and maybe just “blowing in” was not enough to clean it!

Instead of an iron needle I can recommend softer tools to clean teeth, often made of wood or plastic.


I tried with the softish plastic flat toothpick you get with some Swiss army knives. Didn’t seem to help. The way that the response seems to be consistently determined by some quality of the power delivered (replicable with certain combinations of supply + cable) suggests to me that it’s a hardware part failing.

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