Storage upgrader on kola nut 1.8.5

Got a fp1 and i am Trying to install the storage upgrader on it. But the phone runs kola nut and it Will NOT let me install the upgrader correct. Do i need to downgrade to cherry, before installing the storage upgrade, and how? Or…?

You can either downgrade to 1.6 or upgrade to 1.8.5.
The update to 1.8.5 should be available in the updater app in a few days, right now it can only be installed manually.
If you want to downgrade you have to go to the updater app > enter advanced mode > android for fairphone > fairphone cherry 1.6

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PS.: 1.8 and 1.8.5 are both called Kola Nut… :frowning: Actually one would have to specify the OS version number each time!

So updating to kola nut 1.8.5 should clear the partion issues on the fp1?

@Raldog: Not in itself, but if you update to 1.8.5 you can then run the Storage Upgrader 1.8.5 which will give you a unified 16GB partition on your phone. But pleas note that upgrading (repartitioning) the storage means that you will lose all data on your phone (including app settings), so remember to back up to an external SD card first!


Thanks for the help! I’ll wait for the app update and then give it a try.

Be sure to backup.


I have already upgraded the storage management based on 1.6 and it works fine.
If I install 1.8.5 now - is it necessary to upgrade the storage again?

@Hans_Peter_Korn: No, you shouldn’t have to do that. I did the 1.6 storage upgrade too when it became available, and updating to 1.8.5 (manually, on Monday) went perfectly (including reinstalling Google apps).

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Like @kgha said: No. But make a backup first. Just in case.

A message from a desperate version 1 user. Updated to Kola Nut, then went back to Cherry, back-up on an SD card, but whatever I do, I never see the possibility to clear the partition issues, as I never get the choice in the upgrade screens to install the storage upgrade. Any ideas on how I get to that screen, anyone? Thanks in advance!

Hi! I’m afraid you cannot do the Storage Upgrade from Fairphone OS 1.6 (aka Cherry) anymore. Apparently the Fairphone Team have taken the 1.6 Storage Upgrade from their servers ( :exclamation::question:)… You can only do the Storage Upgrade, if you are on Fairphone OS 1.8.5.

Thanks, Stephan, tried that, had already downloaded this version, but still didn’t get the choice in the menu to do the Storage Upgrade. So I thought I had to go back to 1.6, which I did, but that didn’t work, either.

Hm… then you can try to do the update manually.

Thanks for the link, Stephan! Does this mean I should do this in two steps, first install Kola Nut manually, and then the Storage Upgrader?

And it’s not a problem if I do this using my MacBook Air? And maybe I could just update to Kola Nut in the regular way, and then do the Storage Upgrader manually, to exclude mistakes, as I’m extremely inexperienced in all of this? :flushed:

From your saying that you “had already downloaded this version”, I took that you had upgraded to 1.8.5 and there was no option to do the Storage Upgrade… But you have never been on 1.8.5, am I right? :wink: If so, you can follow the Interactive Tutorial on how to update to 1.8.5. You should then be able to do the Storage Upgrade through the Fairphone Updater.

If you need further assistence, don’t hesitate to ask!

I am a bit confused:
I upgraded a FP1 from 1.6 (without the storage upgrader) to 1.8.5 successfully. Everything seems to work fine.
Now I want to apply the storage upgrader based on 1.8.5
BUT: Opening the Fairphone Updater I see this message:
“Dein aktuelles Betriebssystem ist 1.8.5” and NO information that there is a storage updater available (and not installed).
Clicking “Betrete den fortgeschrittenen Modus” I read:
“Android für Fairphone”. Clicking on this I find this:
"Ältere Versionen: Storage Upgrader 1.8.5"
So: Does that mean, that I have to install now this OLDER Version of 1.8.5 after having installed the newest version?

Ok, this headline is REALLY unfortunate (CC @anon12454812). Here is the interactive tutorial in German about installing the Storage Upgrade. It should better say OTHER versions than OLDER versions… (“Andere” statt “Ältere”).

Hm … this " interactive tutorial" is not helpful for users of 1.8.5:
It is pointing to “Weitere Informationen findest du in diesem Artikel.” and in “dieser Artikel” the storage upgrading for 1.6 only is explained … no words about 1.8.5 …
BTW: After having installed 1.8.5 without upgrading the storage it seems, that the RAM is used much more effective so, that now I am not running out of memory using the same apps as before - and even two more!