How to keep apps on their current (old) version when upgrading to Kola Nut 1.8.5 + storage update?

I’m currently still on Caju 1.1 that came with the FP1 and planning to upgrade, including the storage upgrade because I’m getting the insufficient space messages.

I read in Storage upgrader on kola nut 1.8.5 that it is fine to do the 1.8.5. upgrade first, then run the Srorage Upgrader 1.8.5, so that will be handled then.

There are several apps on my phone that I refuse to upgrade any longer because their upgrades demand more permissions than I’m willing to give them.

  1. Will running the Kola Nut and storage updates reinstall all apps?

1a) If so, is there a possibility to either prevent these apps from updating or backup and restore the current versions across the upgrades? Can I use the default ‘Backup and restore’ app for that?

1b) If so, I’m especially concerned about Google apps because I understand that Google apps need to be reinstalled separately.

Updating OS and storage upgrade will not reinstall any apps, but Google apps will be uninstalled (you can reinstall them as the last step and obviously they will be the latest versions.) and the Storage Upgrade will delete everything, so you need to make a good backup first.

Especially in combination with a storage upgrade Titanium Backup is recommended. When you restore from the backup the versions you had installed before will be installed again.

So in short: normal apps will remain in their current versions but GAPPS will be updated.

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OK, so I went ahead - and it has not ended yet:

Issue 1: The Fairphone updater only showed the Cherry 1.6 update.
Issue 2: I had to tell the updater several times to start the update (maybe something was downloading?)
Finally, it went ahead.
It looks that it then updated the updater itsefl ;-), because now the Kola Nut 1.5 update was avaliable.
I went ahead and installed the 3 parts according to the instructions at New software update Kola Nut 1.8.5 is ready

After going through all 3 update steps (the last one asking for my Google credentials).

Issue 3: Clicking the Play Store app or GMail: “App isn’t installed”. Google Maps did start. A reboot did not help.

Well, I had still to install the Storage Upgrader which wipes all my data anyway, so I first went ahead with that.
Went into the Fairphone updater, Advanced Mode, and started the installation of the “Storage upgrader Kola Nut 1.8.5” which was under "Older versions"
Then I was (again) presented with a subtitle “an older version of your current operating system”, so I aborted.

The weird thing is: If I tap on the ‘Latest version’ (1.8.5) the next screen also says ‘older version’.

So what is going on here? Do the FP interfaces say ‘older version’ (instead of ‘current version’) if it is not a ‘newer version’? That would be sloppy.
Can I go on with installing the ‘older version’ storage upgrader?

[Pending an answer on this last question, I will now try to fix the Google issue.]

I don’t know why it’s called older version, but if you have 1.8.5 installed then installing the 1.8.5 storage upgrade is the right thing to do.
And reinstall google after you finished upgrading to save you some time and trouble.

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Thanks, that worked. Actually, a somewhat (visually) different Google installer came up and my Google apps now work again.


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