Split call and messages sound volume

Can I somehow split the volume of incoming phone calls and messages ob Android 11?
I have do not disturb on because I so mit want messages do make any sound when I am not at home.
But this hast the bug that I changes my ringtone. I can only fix that with rebooting how I was informed in this topic.

But there would bei no need for do not disturb if I just could turn down the volume of messages and turn up the volume of incoming calls.

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Is there an Option to turn of “link Call and notification volume” in the sound options? When disabled you could adjust using the Vol Buttons


I so not see such an Option here.

Sorry than it’s maybe a Lineage OS feature

Here is the FP3 A10 options

further down the page there is an advanced option(s) but none especially for notifications

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yeah, it’s definitely a LOS feature.


Hi ckorn

I have the same problem / request.
I like to here a incoming phone call loud and clear, but i don’t want to be disturbed by every single incoming massage.
So i want two separated controls (like on all my other phones before).
I tried the app ‘Volume Manager’ by ByteHamster, that should make this possible. The app says, that the two volumes (ringtone and notifications) are synced in the system preferences. But there is no possibility to separate them.
Is this really a ‘improvement’ of android 11?
Thanks to anyone, who bring us closer to a solution!

I don’t think it’s possible without installing a custom ROM, or at least rooting and using some Magisk/Xposed module.

Oh god please make this a standard setting to have notification volume and phone call ring volume seperate. It just makes sense.

I have so much ill thoughts for the people at google who merged them by default in android. They have done great evil in this world merging them.

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