Some troubles after upgrade to Fairphone Open 18.10.0

Hello Everybody,

back in November I updated my FP 2 to Fairphone Open 18.10.0 right after having received the notification. In general the update went fine, however with the new version two issues appeared which I find very annoying:

  • The notification light for SMS receiving remains dark. It appears as if it would have been disabled, but I did not and I can’t find anything to enable it again. In Settings (Einstellungen)/Configuration symbol it’s enabled and it works for example for phone calls and messages through Wire Secure Messenger. Does anybody have an idea where to enable it again?

  • In the Music app the font color has changed after the update. Now I’m having a black font on a dark or black background. This is not at all funny. I can’t find a location where to adjust UI colors. Is there any chance to do so?

Btw. I also find it annoying that sitting in my car, having connected my FP2 via Bluetooth and listening to music from the phone I can only jump to one song forward or backward in Fairphone Open by pressing a key. With the original OS installed I was also able to fast forward and rewind within a song by keeping the same key pressed. Is there a solution for fixing this?

Thanks a lot for any help in advance.

Franz (from Germany/Munich area)

@Jonnydark has posted about the same issue. I can’t reproduce it on Open OS.

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