Fonts in music app nearly unreadable

Hi. With the refreshed UI most things are nice, but clearly someone missed quality checking the music app UI. The fonts are barely readable if they load at all. If I turn on “High Contrast Text” it solves the problem but makes all my other apps ugly.

Just a heads up to the Fairphone UI team. :slight_smile:

Hello Fairphone Team?
I also have this problem. The track titles are black on black. Why is there not a single response to this complaint?

robert urban

The Fairphone team rarely reads along in the forum. This would rather be something for the #bugtracker only they are not really in the business to fix Android apps in the first place, so the better thing to do is just download another music app.


Mainly because this is a community forum, not the company.
The official channel to reach the developers in case of possible bugs is the #bugtracker .

And then, as this is a forum full of users like yourself, it is possible that either other users don’t have this problem or have nothing to add to the workaround mentioned in the first post.

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